Safety Gates and Security Doors for Parking Facilities

From stand-alone parking garages to condominiums and mixed-use buildings, we have the safe, secure and durable closure solutions you need.




Parking facilities often require secure closure solutions that can stand up to frequent cycles as drivers enter and exit.  In these cases, you’re looking for a door that meets the three H’s – high speed, high cycle and headroom. Other times, overnight security is paramount and you need a door that will only cycle once per day but is extremely secure.  Guest or resident comfort may also play a role in selecting a closure - you may want an insulated door to help regulate the temperature in the parking structure, especially in a colder climate.  

Extreme 300 Series High Performance Grille

Our Extreme 300 Series High Performance Grille provides the speed and cycle durability you need, all in a compact coiling model.  Use a 300 Grille in a parking application where:

  • Security is needed round the clock – you don’t want to leave your entrance or exit open at all times – but you also want visibility and air flow
  • Opening and closing speed is crucial – drivers don’t want to wait long to enter or exit the parking structure

The 300 Grille is also compatible with opening devices such as key card readers and floor loops.


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Extreme 300 Series Performance Door

Our Extreme 300 Series Performance Door provides the speed and cycle durability you need. Use the Extreme 300 Series Door where:

  • Daily maintenance checks are not required
  • Intelligent controller communicates status and error messages
  • Energy efficient is important

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