Commercial Insulated Roll-Up Door

Would you like to save money on your energy bill? How about control the temperature inside your commercial garage or make a choice that benefits the environment? Whatever your motivation, our insulated rolling service doors will meet your needs.

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What Is a Rolling Steel Door?

A rolling steel door provides security, temperature transfer control, and service for businesses. These doors coil shut when the establishment is closed. You'll typically find them in pharmacy counters, warehouses, and loading docks. They range from regular steel roll-up service doors to insulated high-performance models and fire-rated roll-up styles.

Cookson is a leading manufacturer of rolling doors in galvanized or stainless steel and aluminum. We custom-make them for proven performance, durability, and a perfect fit.

Benefits of an Insulated Roll-Up Door

Besides offering a security barrier, insulated roll-up doors provide other advantages, such as:

  • Controlling temperature transfer : Maintain comfort in your commercial garage by keeping out weather events, pollen and drafts.
  • Lower energy costs: Reduce utility expenses with an insulated rolling garage door that seals well to keep heating and cooling inside by preventing air leakage.
  • Better for the environment: Go greener the easy way! It's simple — our roll-up insulated overhead doors consume less energy, which means a reduced impact on the environment.
  • Noise reduction: Soundproof your garage with the durable build of an insulated roll-up door.
  • Durability: Add an extra layer of protection to your investment. Insulated doors stand up to damage better than their non-insulated counterparts.
  • Longer component life: Extend the usefulness of motors and operating components. Insulation helps protect these from weather extremes for lower associated maintenance and repair costs.

Cookson Insulated Roll-Up Garage Doors

As the leader in insulated garage doors, Cookson provides a variety of solutions, styles, options and features to fulfill any garage door specification. Our insulated doors lead the industry with all the high-quality materials and finishes building owners and architects expect from Cookson Door. These overhead doors offer the best qualities of our products without occupying any additional space in a garage.

Cookson rolling insulated overhead doors are available in galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Similar to our standard rolling doors, we manufacture our insulated roll-up garage doors with a galvanized or powder coat finish and can enhance them with vinyl graphics.

Thermiser® Insulated and Thermiser Max® Roll-Up Doors

When you need a highly energy-efficient insulated roll-up door, Thermiser® has you covered with top-line models:

  • Thermiser Max Insulated Roll-Up Door: The Thermiser Max Insulated Rolling Door is our most energy-efficient insulated service door available and is the top choice for architects, building owners and designers. It features a 7/8-inch closed-cell urethane foam insulation. Tests show this model decreases airflow by 94% and meets IECC, ASHRAE and LEED certifications. The best part? The thermal savings do not impact durability, function, usability or aesthetics.
  • Thermiser Insulated Roll-Up Door: The energy-efficient Thermiser Insulated Roll-Up Doors combines the strength of rolling steel with superior insulation and protection from the elements. Because the insulated service door has a full perimeter seal, the Thermiser is also excellent for reducing sound pollution. With double metal layers combined with a thick insulated interior, these doors provide reliable security.

Extreme® 300 and Extreme® 1024 Insulated High-Performance Doors

The Extreme high-performance doors are high-speed, offering cycle times up to three times faster at 24 ips. In addition to extra security, these doors offer durability. Available models include:

  • Extreme 300 Series High-Performance Roll Up Door: The springless 300 series door is a fast-acting barrier designed to last 300,000 maintenance-free cycles.
  • Extreme 1024 Extreme Long Lasting Roll Up Door: Our Extreme 1024 rapid-roll high-performance door offers intelligent operation and has a lifespan of 1,000,000 maintenance-free cycles.

Insulated Counter Doors

Protect your interior and exterior service windows and counters from property damage or theft with insulated counter shutters from Cookson. These custom-crafted roll-up doors offer convenience and security with a perfect fit since we make them to spec.

Ideal applications for our counter shutters include:

  • Hospitality centers.
  • Pharmaceutical counters.
  • Concession stands.
  • Cashier stations.

How Much Does An Insulated Roll-Up Door Cost?

Many factors go into determining the costs of insulated roll-up garage doors, including the type of insulation used, the size of the door and the air infiltration level of the perimeter door seal. Additional upgrades add to overall costs, such as accessories like motor operators or a performance-enhancing finish. Insulated rolling doors are typically more expensive than traditional steel rolling doors because they require more materials.

The variations you choose can lead to better levels of energy efficiency and certifications from organizations like IECC, ASHRAE and LEED.

When you're shopping for a new insulated garage door, it's also important to consider elements like maintenance and longevity. 

Another important aspect to factor in is speed. A facility that requires a regulated temperature and has standard rolling doors installed will be constantly losing money. The speed of a high-performance insulated door compared to the 8 inches per second a standard coiling door opens is a long time for freezing cold winds or summer heat to enter a facility. 

Cycle time impacts the costs of heating or cooling the building over the lifetime of the roll-up door. While it's not easy to calculate immediately, the number of cycles you get will have a huge impact on overall expenses in the long term. When you replace standard roll-up doors with a high-performance insulated door, you'll save money each month on your heating/cooling bill.

When you take all of these factors into account, the overall savings you capture from a high-quality insulated rolling door help offset the initial investment. 

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