Thermiser Max® Insulated Roll Up Door

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Model Number: ESD30

Energy Efficient Insulated Overhead Doors

Our Thermiser Max® Insulated Rolling Door is the most energy-efficient insulated rolling door available today, with the certifications to prove it.  IECC, ASHRAE, LEED – this door has it all while decreasing air infiltration by 94% versus standard products.  And, because we care about the environment as much as you do, the door can help you achieve up to 38 points in five LEED certification credit categories.

Top architects, building designers and owners all praise the benefits of the Thermiser Max® Insulated Door for its energy efficient qualities and climate control options. Built with two layers of steel with foamed in insulation, not only is it an extremely energy efficient door, but one of the most secure insulated rolling doors constructed.

Utilizing our patented perimeter door sealing system along with a thermally broken guide construction, our Thermiser Max® Insulated Overhead Door is IECC, ASHREA and LEED certified. Our Thermiser Max® Insulated Door meets 2021 IECC®, ASHRAE® 90.12, and California’s Title 24 air infiltration requirements with an independently tested value of less than 0.3 CFM/FT2

Our commercial insulated door sealing system not only significantly reduces air leakage but also reduces sound transmission. Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating is up to 30 for the entire assembly. If an STC of 32 is desired, additional options are required. Please consult the factory for details. All configurations are evaluated per ASTM E90, based on testing a complete, operable assembly.

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Codes & Listings
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Buy America Compliance
  • LEED® Compliance
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