Fast acting doors and gates that provide high cycle - low maintenance

Our High Performance Products offer advanced performance where you need it most. Whether you need advanced performance for security, productivity or air protection at the opening, we can suggest the right door or grille to meet your performance needs

High-Performance Doors and Grilles

The 300 Series Door is a high-cycle offering that provides:

Cycles:  300,000 maintenance free cycles, to be exact. The door's springless design adds to its longevity, with the only true maintenance being daily operation checks for these high-performance doors.

Intelligence: This door features the new Apex SmartController - our first intelligent panel that communicates status and error messages 

Speed:  These high-speed roll-up doors performs at an opening speed of up to 24 inches per second 

Energy Efficiency:  The insulated curtain comes complete with our patented sealing system with thermally broken guide assemblies and a lintel seal that significantly decreases air infiltration to less than 0.3 cfm/ft2

Smooth Operation:  The compact, direct-drive operator features a variable-frequency drive that ensures a soft start and stop, and doesn't have any sprockets or chains to wear or replace


The 1024 High-Performance Door provides ultimate ease of mind

The 1024 offers tested 1,000,000 cycle performance, exclusive 5-year limited warranty, long-term durability and sustainable design while providing exceptional lifetime value: Reduce your maintenance and replacement costs.

Durability, environmental separation qualities and ease of repair after impact make our Extreme 1024 High-Performance Doors the superior choice for high-use openings, and will:

Increase productivity at high traffic openings: The 1024 High-Performance Doors rapid opening speed and 1,000,000 cycle performance rating ensure your openings continue to operate at their full potential

High speed roll-up doors quickly seal your building to achieve maximum energy savings: Reduce temperature loss with the 1024 High-Performance Door’s faster cycle time and full perimeter sealing. For even greater energy efficiency, rely on the 1024's insulated curtain design to further increase your energy savings

Improve security and preventing unwanted entry at sensitive openings: With its steel construction and rapid cycle time, the 1024 High-Performance Door’s quickly secures your openings to help prevent unwanted entry

Ease your mind: We offer a competitive 5-year quality warranty as standard on our 1024 High-Performance Door

SafetyGard (TM) Light Curtain Technology: This advanced system creates an optical light curtain approximately six feet high from the finished floor. If any object breaks the plane of the light curtain, the door will automatically reverse to the open position. This advanced, touch-free technology is ideal for high-speed, high-cycle door applications because it considerably reduces the risk of both personal injury and vehicular damage.


Our Extreme® 300 Series High-Performance Grille:

Opens 3 times faster than a standard rolling grille

Has a sustainable and durable design rated for continuous duty

Features a 2-year warranty on the operator and a 2 year/300K cycle warranty on the additional components

Complies to the UL 325 standards for occupant safety

Accepts virtually all activation systems