Extreme High Performance MicroCoil® Grille - 500K Cycle

High Performance Security Grilles

Model Number: EPG324C & EPG324CB


Lower ceiling heights often make it difficult to install overhead security gates, but not anymore. Our MicroCoil® compact high performance security gate delivers top performance in a minimal space. Maximize your clearance space with the only high performance parking gate to coil up into less than 14” of headroom space – and often much smaller.

MicroCoil helps you maximize clear opening space without sacrificing performance. Our MicroCoil parking gate system provides the high performance benefits of long lasting, springless, virtually maintenance free design.  The compact parking garage gate is engineered to handle at least 500,000 cycles at operating speeds of up to 24 inches per second. The patented vertical nesting link design not only allows the security gate to fit into nearly 50% less space, but it also enables significantly quieter operation . The gate is custom manufactured to your exact opening specification size and needs. Its compact design allows for security gate installations in parking structures that were previously unthinkable, due to height and headroom restrictions.

The compact safety gate means that a parking garage with 9’6” clearances can still meet ADA 2010 requirements and accommodate a security grille, something rarely attainable in the past. Retrofits, upgrades and new roll up gate installations are now possible in many parking structures that weren’t before due to ADA 2010 standards.

The MicroCoil comes with a direct drive operator and our Apex SmartController control panel, making installation and setup a breeze. Our Apex Smart controller features plug and play connections and step-by-step instructions for commissioning, limit setting and messaging to further speed installations. Standard light curtain and photo eyes are provided as standard to ensure safety.  

When you need to lock down access to an area but have minimal headroom, the MicroCoil high performance compact gate is the perfect solution.



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  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Buy America Compliance
  • LEED® Compliance
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