Roll up door, insulated garage door, fire rated door and other product information for our frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Look here first!  If you can't find your answer below, please contact us.

  1. How can I request information on your products? 
    Please use the Contact Us form and someone will be in touch regarding your request.
  2. Can I use your products for residential applications? 
    Our products are typically installed in industrial, commercial, institutional and retail applications.
  3. How do I purchase a product? 
    Use the Dealer Locator to contact your nearest authorized dealer.
  4. Does Cookson sell products directly to companies or individuals? 
    We sell through distributors. Click here to find the dealer nearest you
  5. Can you provide product samples? How long will it take? 
    We provide individual component and finish samples. We can also provide more complex samples, with the cost and time dependent on the complexity of the sample requested. Please contact us for more information.
  6. Who is the dealer in my area? 
    Use the Dealer Locator to contact your nearest authorized dealer.
  7. How can I get product specifications? 
    Specifications are available on every product page under the Technical Details tab.  Questions? Feel free to contact our Architectural Design Support team.
  8. How do I obtain detail drawings for products? How long does it take? 
    General drawings are available on every product page in the Technical Details tab. Standard drawings are typically emailed within five minutes of the request. Job-specific drawings are available through our Architectural Design Support team. 
    Note, we provide approval drawings when you place an order. We provide as-built drawings with all shipped units.
  9. What is your product warranty? 
    We guarantee all products against defects in material or workmanship for a period of two (2) years from shipping date, provided it is used for its intended purpose and is properly maintained.
  10. Are your doors fire rated? 
    Yes. Please refer to our fire products pages for more specific information. Questions? Feel free to contact our Architectural Design Support team.
  11. How are your rolling doors supported? 
    By our guides! The way we construct our rolling doors does not require any additional support beams at the hood.
  12. Do you do custom work? 
    Yes!  We have provided unique solutions to our customers’ most complex challenges, and we’re ready to do it for you too.  Contact our Architectural Design Support group for more information about your specific need.
  13. Can a door be made with either Right handed or Left Handed operator?
    Yes operation is available from either side of opening.
  14. What voltage is required for the motor operator?
    Operators are available for all standard U.S. voltages.
  15. What are the wiring requirements are required for the motor operator?
    You need to provide a 20 Amp circuit dedicated to the operator.
  16. Is an access panel required when the coil is mounted above a ceiling/soffit?
    Yes, an access panel should be provided near the front of the motor control panel so that a service tech can view into the control box.  Suggested access panel minimum size is 2’ x 2’.
  17. What is the “R” value of your insulated door?
    Our insulated Thermiser doors have an R8 value.
  18. Can you supply doors that meet Dade County or Florida building code for wind resistance?
    Yes we have door products that have been tested to meet both. You can contact our Architectural Design Support group for more information about your specific need.
  19. How much horsepower is required for a door operator my door?
    Operators are provided for the product based upon the opening size and configuration of the unit specified.  If exact horsepower information is required, you can contact our Architectural Design Support group for more information
  20. Are your powder coated colors shown on your website?
    From the menu ribbon at the top of the screen select “Customization” and select “RAL  Powder Coat Colors” in the drop down. Note that the color chart is for general reference only, please request actual color sample before making a final selection.
  21. Can you provide a custom color match powder coat finish?
    Yes, in addition to our 188 standard RAL color offering we also provide custom color matching.  We require a minimum of two (2) samples of the color to be matched in order to formulate a powder mixture.  Note, metallic finishes are not available.
  22. Is there somewhere we can view Operator manuals?
    See links below for easy access to O & M manuals