Roll Up Door Openers and Commercial Door Operators

There are many factors to consider when choosing how your door will operate. How fast you want it to open, how many times a day will it cycle and if there is power available are just a few of these factors. Here, you will find information on each of our available operators.

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Manual vs Motor General Reference

The table below provides an at a glance reference for what type of operator elements each listed product uses.
For more detailed information, please review the categories above.

Push-UpChainCrankMotorTube Motor
Service DoorXXXX 
Insulated DoorXXXX 
Fire DoorXXXXX
Security GrilleXXXXX
SentryGate 4XXXXX
SentryGate 3XXXXX
CrossingGard Grille   X 
Counter DoorXXXXX
Counter Fire DoorXXXXX
1024 Door   X 
300 Grille   X 
MicroCoil Grille   X 
Smoke Shield Elevator   X 
StormDefender Door   X 

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