Rolling Counter Shutter Doors

Commonly utilized in cafeterias, concession stands and ticket booths, Rolling Counter Doors provide accessibility and security in interior and exterior finished wall openings. When they are required by code for fire, fire barrier and smoke barrier walls, choose fire-rated configuration.

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At Cookson, we offer high-quality rolling counter shutter doors for your commercial kitchen, restaurant, or concession stand. This durable steel protection offers interlocking slats that guard your retail space against vandalism or weather damage. Consider the features of rolling counter shutter doors to discover why you should get one for your business today.

What Is a Roll Up Counter Door?

Roll up shutters feature interlocking slats made from stainless steel, formed steel, or anodized aluminum. These products roll up to store in a coil above the wall opening, and they protect your commercial property from vandalism, break-ins, or weather damage. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in these durable overhead counter doors:

  • Snug fit: These steel slats roll to the top of your commercial door opening. Since they don't have exposed edges, they won't distract from your retail space's design. Door installation is also convenient because of the door's ability to slide into ready-made openings.
  • Minimal space: When you don't need to use your roll up counter door, it easily rolls into the bracket at the top of your commercial opening. The smaller, more aesthetically appealing parts offer a more streamlined look than traditional rolling doors. Rolling shutters can also accommodate openings with tight space.
  • Custom size: When you work with a company specializing in overhead doors, you can get a product that fits your retail opening's unique dimensions.
  • Durability: The metal that makes up your roll up counter door slats is resistant to corrosion, so it'll last a long time. Besides wear and tear, the door can also withstand wind loads and impact damage.
  • Custom colors: If you want to use specific brand colors in your roll up counter door instead of the usual silver hue, we offer custom colors and materials to give your retail space a unique design.

Roll Up Counter Door Applications

Our durable counter shutters offer more than security — they create privacy and, in some cases, protect against smoke and flames. They tell people walking by that your business is closed for the day, reducing the risk of wanderers trying to grab an extra snack or peek into your confidential files. Consider installing a roll up counter shutter door in any of these places:

  • Cafeterias: If your business provides food for children, you can protect your service stations against pests and break-ins with a roller shutter door.
  • Concession stands: A durable roll up counter door can guard your exterior commercial space against weather damage and vandalism.
  • Ticket booths: When your business is closed, a sturdy roller door can prevent thieves from breaking in and stealing your inventory of tickets or cashbox.
  • Office windows: Rolling shutters can guard confidential paperwork or petty cash against wandering eyes and thieves.
  • Hospitals: When you're not at your desk, roll up shutters help you protect your patients' information and your inventory of medical equipment.
  • Food counters: Roll up counter doors keep your food supply safe from pests and theft.
  • Pharmacy: Protect your stock of medicine from theft by installing roll up shutters on your property.

Rolling Counter Shutter Door

Rolling counter shutter doors are ideal for daily use in your commercial space, giving your interior and exterior wall openings security and accessibility. You'll usually see these products in cafeterias, concession stands and ticket booths. Depending on the door's size and weight, you can open your Cookson rolling counter shutter door by hand-crank, push-up operation, or a tubular motor.

Cookson rolling counter shutter doors come with these optional aesthetic features:

  • Powder coating: AtmoShield™ is a thick, scratch-resistant, textured powder-coat finish offering protection from environmental wear and tear. SpectraShield™ is a durable polyester powder-coat finish that comes in more than 180 different colors.
  • Vinyl graphics: Add full-color vinyl graphics to your curtains and hoods for a long-lasting, stylish touch. Counter doors with vinyl graphics are ideal for displaying school colors, business logos, and much more.
  • Hood and door operator covers: Hood and door operator covers protect coils and equipment from the weather, block damaging debris and help users meet OSHA and UL 325 safety requirements.
  • ScreenGard™ perforated slats: Available in galvanized steel and aluminum, ScreenGard™ perforated slats provide the security of a rolling service door with the visibility and ventilation of a grille.
  • Vision windows: Opt for one- or two-way windows in the curtain to increase visibility.

Fire-Rated Counter Doors

In buildings with fire barriers and smoke walls, our counter doors complete the line of defense against smoke and fire. These rolling counter fire doors meet certain fire codes and close automatically to protect property and give people more time to evacuate. These rolling shutters compartmentalize spaces, keeping smoke and flames contained.

In addition to optional powder coating and our hood and operator covers, each Cookson fire-rated roll up shutter door is available with optional fire safety features, such as:

  • SmokeShield™ Seal package: SmokeShield is an enhanced smoke and draft control system that conforms to UL 1784. SmokeShield offers extra defense, adding compartmentalized protection from smoke and fire. Often required by local building codes, our smoke seal offers additional smoke and draft control.
  • Annunciators: Protect people and valuables from damage with annunciators. These devices provide optional audio and visual warnings during door operations and can be programmed to work individually or together.
  • Battery backup devices: Battery backup devices will keep your counter door operating in the event of a power failure. This optional add-on is available for motor, chain, and crank operators.
  • Firefly and Firefly BB release devices: Ensure your doors will close automatically if a fire alarm goes off. Firefly and Firefly BB release devices connect to your building's alarm system, closing your FireGard doors in line with the alarm system instead of closing after the fusible links melt.

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Cookson is an overhead door corporation specializing in durable, long-lasting doors to protect your commercial property. All our doors are custom-made, so we'll work with you to find a solution according to your desired size, material, and color. To get the right rolling counter shutter doors for your location, reach out to us today.

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