Pharmacy Counter Doors

Security is a growing concern for pharmacies nationwide. If you own or manage a business working with pharmaceuticals, you need a rolling door that can protect your building. At Cookson Door, we manufacture high-performance, low-maintenance doors to defend your facility from burglary, break-ins and vandalism, and we do it with compact packages to preserve your valuable floor space.

High-Performance Security Doors for Pharmacies

Cookson Door has several security shutters, doors and gates to protect your pharmacy. The right solution for your business depends on your pharmacy design and your preference. If you need help making a decision, give us a call. We'll help you choose from our affordable options, including the following customer favorites.


Extreme 300 Series High-Performance Door

Cookson Door's Extreme 300 Series High-Performance Door is intended for heavy daily use and can withstand up to 300,000 maintenance-free open and close cycles. If you're looking for pharmacy security doors that are easy to install and even easier to use, the Extreme 300  is for you. These doors function at high speed — a rate of 24 inches per second — keeping the temperature in your pharmacy stable and leading to lower energy costs.

Pharmacy Counter Doors

You can purchase either a standard or fire-rated rolling counter shutter. Standard counter shutters are constructed with high-quality materials and fit securely into your finished interior or exterior opening. Because they use smaller components, they also look great and take up minimal space. Fire-rated pharmacy counter doors have all the same security features as standard shutters, but with the added value of fire and smoke protection.



Pharmacy Security Shutters

The Extreme 300 Series MicroCoil Grille is a high-performance pharmacy security gate that, when coiled, takes up less than 14 inches of headroom. The patented vertical nesting link design allows the grille to fit into almost 50% less space than other gates and is significantly quieter than traditional security grilles. Customize your pharmacy security gate to fit the exact dimensions of your finished opening, and you'll have a long-lasting security solution.



Side Folding Grilles

If a pharmacy window has extremely limited headroom and a wider opening, a side folding grille may be the best option. 



Perforated Slat Doors

If you want the security and protection of a rolling security grille without sacrificing airflow and ventilation, check out our ScreenGard Perforated Slat Door accessory. The ScreenGard is available in both aluminum and galvanized steel and suitable for individual or alternating slats.



We're Here to Help

Pharmacy security shutters and security doors will keep your valuable inventory safe from theft and vandalism. When you choose a Cookson security door or grille, you'll get high-quality, reliable products and priceless peace of mind. 

As part of our commitment to offering the best products possible, our dedicated support team is standing by, ready to answer any questions you have or help you select the right door for your project. Contact us today to request a quote or begin customizing your pharmacy security doors.