Pharmacy Counter Doors

Theft of prescriptions and threat of break-ins are growing security concerns for pharmacies nationwide. If you own or manage a business working with pharmaceuticals, you need security measures that can protect your staff and facility. One of these security measures can include a rolling door to protect your building. At Cookson Door, we manufacture high quality doors to defend your facility from burglary, break-ins, and vandalism.


Secure Your Pharmacy with Cookson’s Performance Products

At Cookson, we know that having a range of security closures to fortify your pharmacy or any facility that handles sensitive prescriptions is essential. From security rolling doors and grilles to gates and shutters, we manufacture solutions for theft and break-in threats in pharmacies.

We’re here to assist you. Our expert Architectural Design Support (ADS) Team can help guide your decision, and discuss which of our products would be the best fit for your pharmaceutical facility. You can contact them by phone: 885.982.2022. or complete this form.

Some fan favorites for pharmaceutical applications include:


Pharmacy Counter Doors

Our rolling counter shutters can be an ideal solution in your pharmacy. You can also opt for an insulated or fire-rated option for optimum security and safety. Our spectrum of counter doors can meet your needs for protecting employees and inventory.

Cookson’s fire-rated rolling counter doors close automatically to protect wall openings and reduce the spread of smoke and fire while maintaining daily protection and security.

Our standard counter shutters can be used in interior or exterior openings. They provide accessibility, security, and peace of mind whether you’re managing a mom-and-pop shop or quite a few pharmacy chains.



Pharmacy Security Shutters

Cookson’s Visionaire MicroCoil Grille is engineered for longevity and provides access control in spaces that need enhanced security. Made with 304 stainless steel links, our Visionaire MicroCoil Grille fits into almost 30% less space than any other standard grille on the market with its reduced coil size. Because our grilles are manufactured to your exact opening measurements, installing Visionaire MicroCoil into a retrofit application or a new construction with limited headroom application is a straightforward and simple process.



Side Folding Grilles

Cookson’s side-folding grilles help to transform a space that needs protection into a more secure one. Whether you’re hunting down options for maximum airflow and visibility or have applications where space is limited, our side-folding options provide security, privacy, and even sound control if needed, depending on your product selection.



Perforated Slat Doors

Our perforated slat door option, ScreenGard™, is another optimal choice for securing your pharmaceutical space. It brings the security of a rolling door to the table while still allowing for visibility and ventilation. ScreenGard is offered in galvanized steel or aluminum finish options and can be manufactured with individual or alternating slats to suit your needs.



We're Here to Help

Pharmacies handle sensitive prescriptions, medical information, and money on a daily basis. Ensure that your pharmacy and its inventory, employees, and occupants are taken care of from a security standpoint with a Cookson security rolling door or grille. You can count on us for high quality products designed with longevity in mind. Our ADS Team is ready to share their expertise and product knowledge and recommendations with you. Contact us to request a quote or to kick off the process of selecting the right security product to make your vision come true. You can also give us a call at 885.982.2022.

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