Commercial Hurricane & Max Protection Doors

According to the National Climate Assessment, hurricanes are growing in intensity, duration and frequency in the United States, and they're projected to increase in severity over the coming years. With increasingly powerful weather comes costly and substantial structural damage from strong winds, water surges and flooding.

Maximum Protection and Defender Series Roll Up Door Offering

The EntryDefender® Door is designed to protect government buildings and other sensitive structures from attack for 5, 15 and 60 minutes.

The StoreDefender Door provides better protection for retailers in uncertain times.


Wind-Master Operational Wind Loaded doors have the ability to operate under a wind load of up to 20 PSF. It is available in a service and insulated model.

In severe conditions, you need doors that provide serious protection against severe storms. Cookson Max Protection Rolling Doors provide ultimate protection and security from human-made and natural threats, including hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters.

The StormDefender® Door

Award-winning StormDefender doors feature explicit protection against tornadoes and hurricanes. These storm doors are ICC 500 and FEMA 361 rated, meaning they adhere to a set of standards put in place regarding the placement and construction of safe rooms. For additional protection, StormDefender hurricane-rated rolling doors are available in both fire-rated and non-fire-rated models, with benefits including:


  • AlarmGard: Our award-winning AlarmGard system can be connected to your building's alarm system directly, deploying the StormDefender's doors upon alarm activation.
  • Out of sight, out of mind: These doors are virtually invisible until you need them, and thanks to their sleek construction, they fit into precast concrete with minimal protrusion.
  • No more confinement: These heavy-duty commercial doors are intended for safe rooms that will benefit from light and ventilation when the doors are not in use — including school cafeterias and gymnasiums.
  • No power? No problem: If a strong storm knocks out the power in your building, the StormDefender can be set to close automatically.
  • Lasting durability: Heavy-duty slats are held in place with our patent-pending windlock design, keeping them secured in the guides even in the strongest wind.
  • Quiet operation: Sound-deadening end locks work to reduce noise during door operation.


The EntryDefender® Door

Protect your space from unwanted entry with the EntryDefender Door. This high-security door is perfect for protecting government buildings and other sensitive structures from mob-style attacks for increments of five, 15 and 60 minutes per the U.S. Department of State (DoS) standards for forced entry.


  • Long-lasting: As a standard, the EntryDefender operates for a minimum lifespan of 20,000 complete cycles.
  • Customizable: If you need your door to handle additional cycles, we can make that happen. EntryDefender is customizable to withstand more active use.
  • Durable: EntryDefender commercial security doors will withstand a static wind load of up to 125 PSF.
  • Safe: The steel curtains include interlocking slats that compress when the door is closed, resulting in a  smooth surface and reducing potential pry points.


The Wind-Master® Door

Wind-Master Operational Wind Loaded Rolling Doors have end locks allowing operation under a wind load of up to  20 PSF. Wind resistance is amplified by the springless design, bracing against wind force with the full weight of the door.

Gain ultimate peace of mind with insulated commercial hurricane shutters, retaining all our top-of-the-line security features while reducing sound transmission and improving temperature control.