Max Protection Security Doors and Hurricane Garage Doors

In severe conditions, you need a door that provides serious protection. Our Max Protection Doors provide extra security from natural or man-made threats.

Maximum Protection and Defender Series Roll Up Door Offering

Tornado Safe Room Doors for Building and School Safe Room Construction

Safe room design does not have to be dark and claustrophobic. Our StormDefender safe room doors allow for an open and naturally illuminated room design. Practically undetectable embedment into precast concrete, creates minimal protrusion into the space and allows for design freedom when it comes to adding tornado doors. Our StormDefender safe room doors work seamlessly in typical safe room spaces – like cafeterias, classroom pods and gymnasiums and can be designed with open, airy and naturally illuminated aesthetics in mind. When a storm is imminent, the StormDefender door deploys to automatically turn an open space into a ICC 500/FEMA 361- rated tornado room protecting occupants from harsh winds and deadly projectiles. After the storm, the door simply recedes seamlessly back into the structure.

Hurricane Garage Doors for Wind Load Construction

National weather events, hurricanes and various high wind load events have exposed many flaws in standard garage doors. The need for hurricane-proof garage doors and impact-rated garage doors has increased dramatically. Hurricane damage over just the last several years is in the billions. Upgrading to a stronger overhead door is not enough. Our hurricane garage doors, not only use high strength steel, but also utilize heavier guides, fasteners and mechanics. Hurricane-proof doors employ windlocks to keep the overhead rolling door “locked” inside the guides and heavy-duty guides that are engineered to keep the sides of the commercial garage doors from failing. Hurricane-proof garage doors must, not only prove they are wind load-rated garage doors, but additionally impact resistant garage doors too.

Our award-winning team of designers and engineers work together to design the most comprehensive selections of roll-up door solutions for wind load situations. No matter if you need commercial service garage doors, roll up insulated doors, fire-rated overhead doors or even high-performance doors, our team of designers can customize any of our commercial doors to withstand a full range of specific wind load requirements. All specified wind load ratings are validated by third-party testing officials. They are tested to perform when mounted to steel and concrete masonry unit (CMU) construction. Additionally, our doors are wind load tested to be in compliance with:

  • ANSI/DASMA-108
  • ASTM E 330
  • Miami-Dade County test protocols TAS 201, TAS 202 and TAS 203
  • Florida Building Code (FBC)
  • Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)
  • Signed and Sealed Calculations

As building code requirements continue to demand greater wind load performance, our products  are evolving to answer the call. Not every door is created equal, learning about exactly what makes the top hurricane-proof doors is important, but just as important is a track record that shows they work. Cookson’s, hurricane impact garage doors are proven to withstand what Mother Nature dishes out time and time again. 

Maximum Security Pull Up Door System

In today’s world, the need for business owners and retailers to secure their property has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Riots, attacks, break-ins, vandalism not to mention weather events such as hurricanes and storms, have made the need for maximum protection roll-up doors necessary. Many top big-box retailers, large home improvement stores, government buildings and high-end technology stores count on Cookson’s maximum security roll-up safety doors to, not only, protect their property but to protect customers and employees too.

Our overhead steel security doors are custom designed for any type of solutions needed with many custom-designed security door features. Cookson’s top team of engineers design the strongest and most secure overhead doors available. With features such as quick lockdown for immediate security to central lockdown buttons, we offer all the security features you are looking for in a commercial overhead security door.

Maximum security overhead doors do not mean long waits either. Our overhead safety door designing and manufacturing teams offer fast responses, quick turnarounds and rapid delivery and installation options so you have the security you need, when you need it the most.  Our maximum security doors are far from the bulky eye soars from the past. Our industrial security door design team specializes in maximum security with maximum aesthetics. Custom branding, stainless steel, full-color graphics, custom branding are all staples for our overhead security door design team.