High-Speed Doors

Are you looking for a durable, fast-acting enclosure? Cookson high-performance industrial doors offer high-cycle operation with minimal ongoing maintenance, making them the ideal selection for your garage or commercial space.

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We manufacture several options for security and performance suited for your application. Choose from our Extreme 300 Series High-Performance Roll-Up Door, Extreme 1024 Extreme Long-Lasting Roll-Up Door, Extreme® 300 Series MicroCoil® Grille or the Extreme 300 Series High-Performance Gate.

High-Performance Doors

The Extreme 300 Series Door is a high-cycle, high-speed offering that comes equipped with a springless door design, as well as:

  • Maintenance-free cycles: Achieve 300,000 cycles without maintenance thanks to the door's springless construction. The only necessary service is a daily operation check.
  • Energy efficiency: Our insulated door utilizes our patented sealing system, which reduces energy costs with thermally broken guide assemblies and a lintel seal decreasing air infiltration.
  • Intelligence: This door includes the new Apex SmartController — the first intelligent panel we've offered to communicate error and status messages.
  • Smooth operation: The Extreme 300 Series Door features a drive that's variable-frequency and ensures a soft operation. It functions without chains or sprockets, which means minimal worries about wear or replacement.
  • Speed: Extreme 300 Series Doors are high-speed roll-up doors with opening rates reaching 24 inches every second.

Our Extreme 1024 Series rapid-roll doors are high-performance and offer intelligent operation along with a high operating cycle. With the Extreme 1024, you can expect:

  • Increased productivity: The 1024 High-Performance Doors 1,000,000-cycle performance rating and rapid opening speed will ensure that your openings continue to happen at their full potential while reducing your maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Security: Improve security and prevent unwanted entry from sensitive opening with steel construction, rapid-cycle doors.
  • Peace of mind: Cookson is proud to provide a competitive quality warranty for five years on every one of our 1024 High-Performance Doors.
  • SafetyGard™ Light Curtain Technology: This touch-free system forms an optical light curtain roughly 6 feet from the floor. When anything breaks the plane of the light curtain, the door reverses to the open position automatically. This technology is ideal for high-cycle, high-speed door applications, reducing the risk of vehicular damage and personal injury.
  • Energy efficiency: High-speed roll-up doors will quickly seal your building to achieve maximum energy savings and reduce temperature loss. For premium efficiency, you can count on the 1024's insulated curtain design to keep your energy costs low. Additionally, our high-speed roll-up doors will seal your building quickly to minimize temperature loss.High Performance doors

Protect Your Fast Roll-Up Door With CycleShield™

In addition to each door's unique features, all of our high-performance roll-up doors are finished with CycleShield™, a protective finish reserved exclusively for our high-speed barriers. We recommend CycleShield for harsh, exterior environments. It can protect your door from rust, acid-related damage and high-cycle wear.

High-Speed Grilles and Gates

If low ceiling heights are making security grille or gate installation a challenge, Cookson has you covered. We've designed the High-Performance MicroCoil® Grille to fit into compact footprints where space is at a premium. These models take up no more than 14 inches when coiled and deliver up to 500,000 cycles. MicroCoil also delivers:

  • Higher standard cycling: These closures operate up to three times faster for high-volume areas.
  • Durability: A sustainable and durable door design rated for continuous duty.
  • Reliability: A two-year warranty on the operator and a two-year or 500K cycle warranty for additional components.
  • Compliance: Our doors are compliant with UL 325 standards for occupant safety.
  • Seamless integration: MicroCoil installs quickly and is compatible with most existing access systems and infrastructure.
  • Quiet operation: The compact, direct-drive motor reduces excess noise.
  • Advanced safety features: Photosensors stop movement and reverse direction when an obstacle disrupts the beam between them.

High-Performance Gates for High-Traffic Places

For spaces that require clear visibility and ventilation — including parking garages — consider the Cookson Extreme 300 Series High-Performance Gate. The Extreme 300 Series High-Performance Gate is a high-demand product for many high-traffic places — including parking garages, airports and malls — thanks to its smooth, simple operation and advanced security features. 

With this security gate, you'll also get:

  • Easy setup and installation
  • A virtually maintenance-free lifespan
  • Operating speeds of up to 24 inches per second

Benefits of Cookson High-Performance Doors, Grilles, and Gates

Our high-performance models offer several more advantages, including:

  • Repair and replacement savings: The construction material, degree of insulation, and upgrades all affect the final cost of a roll-up garage door. We craft our high-performance entries so you get a low-maintenance investment with a longer life span.
  • High cycling: Quick operation means fewer interruptions and more efficient traffic flow. Our doors meet demands for high-use areas to improve processes and increase productivity.
  • Lower energy costs: Faster cycles mean less energy will escape. Roll-up doors also offer insulation options for even greater savings on energy bills.
  • Customization: Cookson provides several ways for you to give your door or gate extra personality or features. We have a wide range of options, including colored powder-coating and texturized finishing. Our CycleShield™ finishing provides more protection against the elements and higher traffic to extend your models' life.

Design Your Ideal High-Performance Solution

Use our online Architect Portal resources to create your door, grille, or gate and get a custom quote. You can also browse our galleries for inspiration, stop by your local Cookson dealer, call us at 800-294-4358, or contact us digitally to learn more today.



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