Fire-Rated and Smoke-Containing Solutions

Our fire door systems are the solution for building owners and designers demanding the highest level of life safety and fire protection. We manufacture affordable doors for modern protection — in packages easy to incorporate into your build.

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Browse a variety of custom-manufactured roll-up fire service doors, Firemiser™ insulated fire doors, and fire-rated counter shutters to find the right fit. Our overhead roll-up doors combine all the great features you have come to expect in a quality Cookson product with the added benefit of superior fire protection.

What Is a Fire-Rated Door?

A fire-rated door or counter shutter is a barrier designed to prevent flames or hazardous smoke from spreading during a fire. These doors have ratings based on how long they are proven to withstand a fire. You can order Cookson steel roll-up doors with fire ratings of 45 minutes, 90 minutes, three hours, or four hours.

Our fire-rated and smoke-rated products include:

  • Roll-up fire doors: In the event of a fire, reducing property damage and safeguarding life is easier than ever with Cookson rolling fire doors. These rated structural fire barriers are designed to stop the spreading of fire and smoke, keeping the event isolated by compartmentalizing specific spaces within the building.
  • Firemiser™ Insulated Rolling Fire Door: This door is perfect for a building's exterior but can be expanded later. These doors are also ideal for spaces that need temperature control, since our Firemiser™ coiling fire doors boost energy efficiency with their insulated core. Firemiser secures egress points and wall openings, too.
  • Counter fire door: Rolling fire-rated counter shutters close automatically during a fire for the protection of wall openings. Commercial fire shutters can also provide function daily as added security.
  • Fire-rated closing systems: When it comes to fire-rated closing systems, Cookson's advanced engineering, technology, and design patents make it one of the world's leading manufacturers. Fire-rated manual door operators are best-suited for counter shutters that are not used frequently or are too small for a motor operator. Motor operators are durable, long-lasting, and compatible with the main controls of your building for ease of use.
  • Auto-Test™ Fire Door Product Systems: Our fire-rated doors automatically close when you integrate them with your existing fire protection systems. Cookson Auto-Test™ Fire Door Products Systems accept activation signals from your building alarms and smoke detectors.

The Cookson Roll-Up Door Advantage

Cookson overhead fire-rated steel roll-up doors are designed to be the industry leader. Our overhead fire-rated doors are designed to provide up to 50,000 raise and lower cycles. This innovative engineering offers you a roll-down fire door meant to perform for years.

We outfit these doors with bottom bars and structural angle guides for extra durability, securing against damage and ensuring total closure when needed. These fire doors are compatible with many wall materials, including structural steel, masonry, and concrete.

Cookson advanced roll-up fire doors feature:

  • Maximum durability and reliable protection
  • Automatic resets
  • Test key switches for easy fire door testing, including auto-test and simple-test doors
  • Built-in battery backup for reliable operation during power outages and preventing unnecessary closure 
  • Governing controls to manage the closing rate for your fire door 

What Is an Elevator Smoke Curtain?

In the event of a fire, elevator shafts pose unique challenges to containing smoke and preventing property damage or occupant harm. Smoke curtains seal off these spaces and solve several issues. They reduce potential fire spread by limiting infiltration and eliminate the need to build separate elevator lobbies under the International Building Code (IBC).

Cookson offers the high-performing SmokeShield® Elevator smoke curtain, developed by engineers with almost 100 years of industry experience. SmokeShield Elevator is a hoistway smoke enclosure that meets the IBC 2003-2018 code and AC77 requirements. 

 With no added expense for a lobby build, you're free to devote those budget dollars to other building features. This solution integrates with existing protection devices and automatically uncoils when the system triggers an alarm. Emergency access buttons allow for temporary retraction until the curtain cycles down again. We outfit the SmokeShield Elevator with patented GuideLock™ technology. This tool achieves a complete seal 100% of the time during cycle testing. As a result, you can have confidence your SmokeShield curtain does its job. 

Plus, it earns approval from the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) under registration OPM-0523-19. The California State Fire Marshal has also granted permission for use. SmokeShield Elevator meets the demands of UL235, UL1784, and ASTME864 listing as well.

SmokeShield Elevator features high transparency with directive graphics and clear operating instructions. These inclusions make the curtain simple for occupants and first responders to use safely. Another benefit to its fail-safe design is backup power. Hardwiring or backup battery options ensure your curtain operates even in a power failure.

Our SmokeShield Elevator shaft smoke curtain is the most design-adaptable option in the industry. We manufacture it to your specifications in sizes up to 12 feet by 12 feet. It mounts in a small 10-inch footprint to wood, masonry, and drywall finishes. Make it as discreet as you'd like, or strike a contrast with our powder-coated finishing options.

Regardless of the scope of your project, your overhead roll-down fire door and smoke curtain can be custom-made to meet your exact specifications. Are you ready to protect your space with commercial fire shutters, SmokeShield Elevator, or a roll-down fire door? Contact Cookson today.

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