Smokeshield® Elevator Smoke Containment System

Elevator Smoke Door

Model Number: ERF10

When a structure catches fire, its elevator shafts transform into chimneys, pulling smoke throughout the area and adding oxygen that feeds the flames. Without a proper elevator smoke containment strategy, you put your property and its occupants at higher risk. SmokeShield® closes off the hoistways to limit smoke and flame spread. 

The innovative design engineers at Cookson crafted the award-winning SmokeShield Elevator Smoke Curtain drawing on a century of experience developing fire protection and safety solutions.

What Are Elevator Smoke Doors?

Elevator smoke doors — also known as elevator smoke curtains — are a tool for reducing risk and increasing safety in multistory office and residential structures. They engage automatically to limit potential property damage and occupant harm.

Are Elevator Smoke Doors Required?

Under the International Building Code (IBC) requirements, multi-occupant structures with elevators connecting three or more levels must have a plan for containing smoke and flames as part of their fire safety strategies. 

There are several options for meeting this standard, including:

  • Elevator lobbies with fire-rated doors: Traditionally, design and construction professionals included these fixtures in their plans, devoting significant square footage.
  • Smoke doors preceding the elevator: This method uses less area than a full elevator lobby but still takes up additional floor space.
  • Hoistway pressurization: With this approach, fans introduce high-pressure air into the shaft to drive out the smoke.
  • Elevator smoke curtains: These innovative products offer effective protection with low-profile designs and installation.

How Do Elevator Smoke Curtains Work?

Elevator smoke curtains work hand-in-hand with current fire safety equipment. When sensors indicate a fire, the smoke guard system forms an airtight barrier for the elevators and shafts. That boundary helps keep toxic gases and smoke in a confined space while reducing flame-feeding oxygen spread.

Each curtain has emergency operation controls on both sides to allow first responders and building occupants to gain egress. Once activated, the curtain rises and allows 10 seconds for occupants to exit. Then, the smoke door reengages and stays closed until the alarms reset.

Why Choose Cookson SmokeShield?

SmokeShield is an ideal solution for smoke containment and fire safety strategies in multi-occupant structures.

Award-Winning Technology

SmokeShield relies on our patented GuideLock™ design to serve as a failsafe. This technology allows the curtain to create airtight seals 100% of the time.

Affordability and Reliability

Conventional lobbies and fire-rated doors make construction more complex and expensive. Pressurization systems come with high installation and upkeep costs. Conversely, SmokeShield delivers a solution with lower maintenance needs to save even more money. Designers can devote those extra dollars and square footage to other building features instead.

SmokeShield also provides reliable performance with built-in battery backups and the option to wire directly into another secondary power source. You have the peace of mind offered by dependable performance even during a power failure.

Compliance With Regulations

Our innovative design meets the standards defined in IBC 2003-2018. It also complies with:

  • IBC 2003, 2006, 2012, 2015, 2018
  • ICC-ES Report AC-77 


  • UL 325 
  • ASTM E84
  • UL 1784
  • UL 864

Versatility and Flexibility

SmokeShield is compatible with multiple types of construction material. It easily fastens directly to masonry, drywall, or wood. Choose from various header and guide colors to complement your overall design and architecture, or make it as low-profile as possible by matching the shade of the mounting material.

Cookson builds each smoke curtain to your specific opening dimensions for the best possible fit and hermetic seal. We can accommodate shafts up to 12 feet wide and 12 feet tall with a compact solution storing in less than 10 inches of headroom.

Ease of Use

Our team designed SmokeShield for high effectiveness with effortless operation. Its transparency allows police, firefighters, and EMTs to identify those at risk for swift intervention. We've also included colorful visuals to simplify operation instructions for those seeking egress and first responders.

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