Smokeshield® Elevator Smoke Containment System

Elevator Smoke Door

Model Number: ERF10

Gain more design freedom in your multi-story commercial project with the Cookson SmokeShield fire safety system. The SmokeShield Elevator® is an advanced elevator smoke containment system that installs discreetly into elevator openings, blending in with surrounding architecture until called into use. In the event of a fire, the curtain automatically closes to seal the hoistway from smoke infiltration, ensuring that occupants have adequate time to evacuate safely and also limits further property damage.

Industry Compliant Smoke Curtains for Elevator Hoistways

In a fire, elevator shafts become dangerous chimneys that funnel poisonous fumes through the building and channel oxygen to the flames. Sealing these shafts is critical for protecting the building and the people inside from the deadly effects of vertical smoke and hot gas migration. The International Building Council (IBC) 2003 - 2018 code demands that buildings with elevators install an effective system for sealing the hoistway, and the SmokeShield Elevator meets all of these requirements.

This product is compliant with all IBC 2003 - 2018 standards, in many cases eliminating the need to include an elevator lobby in your design. It also complies with the strict requirements for hoistway closures as an approved ICC-ES-AC77 elevator smoke containment system. 

Additional listings and certifications for the SmokeShield Elevator include UL 1784, ASTME 864 and the ICC-ES Evaluation Services Report ESR-4175. Cookson is also an approved smoke curtain manufacturer per the California OSHPD standard under certification number OPM-0523-19 and is listed with the California State Fire Marshal.




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Codes & Listings
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Buy America Compliance
  • LEED® Compliance
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