Market Solutions: Auto Dealerships

Market Solutions: Auto Dealerships

Auto dealerships often store large amounts of stock in the open while maintaining service areas and office spaces inside. These service stations hold customer vehicles, files and more. Though it's impossible to move your dealership's entire inventory inside every night, commercial doors for automobile dealers keep everything inside secure. 

A high-quality security door or grille protects your dealership while elevating its look. Customers and employees will feel confident in your building, knowing they have some protection against weather and crime. Explore the benefits and features of auto showroom doors for a more secure space. 


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Ways to Secure Your Space With Auto Dealership Doors

Every auto dealership needs additional security outside working hours. Usually, these areas include offices, lobbies, service areas and showrooms. A simple, lightweight security gate typically suffices for service areas. Showrooms benefit from installing rolling security grilles, which protect from intrusion without cutting airflow and visibility. 

Benefits of Cookson Auto Showroom Doors

Investing in high-quality security doors for automobile dealerships has several benefits. A well-crafted door improves security and performance without interfering with daily operations. Ideally, you can protect your auto space and still make an excellent impression on customers. Enjoy the following benefits when you select a top-of-the-line auto showroom door from Cookson. 

Improved Security

security grille or door has many benefits, including keeping intruders out of your showroom. Investing in a high-security grille deters would-be criminals from entering and protects your building's windows from harm. Additionally, interior security grilles allow you to section off parts of your space without sacrificing airflow. Max protection doors offer the best in industry security, withstanding attacks and significant entry attempts. A solid, high-quality security door prevents trespassers from gaining unwanted access to your business. 

Elevated Appearance

Modern security doors and grilles pair today's advanced features with sleek design. An up-to-date door provides your dealership with protection and style. With superior finishes and various colors, you can choose one that matches and enhances your space's look. Additionally, security doors open and close with minimal sound. A whisper-quiet, upscale entry will draw attention to your dealership's look without compromising its security. 

Enhanced Environment

Advanced security doors offer smooth and efficient operation times. These doors can open and close quickly, minimizing the time they stay open. Smooth, speedy door operation helps maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, since heated and cooled air will have less time to escape. Quiet security doors will offer a less disruptive space for employees and customers. Finally, the fast door operation allows cars to move through the doors quickly, maximizing dealership efficiency and productivity. 

Weather Protection

Investing in a solid, high-performance security door is critical for dealerships located in areas that experience severe weather. The best doors will guard your space against powerful winds and weather forces, easily protecting everything inside. These doors come with resistance to hurricanes, tornadoes and other severe weather — depending on the model you select, your door could withstand significant inclement conditions. Standard garage doors offer little protection against high winds or harsh weather — trust doors that are market-certified for wind load to shield your business year-round. 

Grilles/Doors We Offer

Grilles/Doors We Offer

At Cookson, we know how vital keeping your dealership safe and secure is. We offer a range of doors that enhance the protection and strength of your business, no matter your needs. Explore various doors with a range of features. From weather resistance and fire protection, to high-speed operation and security, our doors will help guard your dealership against danger. Choose doors that combine wind and fire resistance, insulation and security for increased protection. Whatever your security concerns, Cookson has the grilles and doors you need. 

Security Grilles

Security grilles are ideal for many auto dealerships' needs. They section off and protect different areas without blocking the view or airflow, allowing your business to showcase vehicles. Security grilles' sleek finish and clean lines also add a sophisticated look and a secure frame to protect essential parts of your property from intrusion. Grilles are excellent for dealerships looking for quality interior security without sacrificing visibility. 

High-Speed Doors

High-performance industrial doors provide dealerships with the ultimate exterior protection. Their high-cycle operation and minimal maintenance needs make them excellent for businesses that need to enhance their door efficiency and security. Some high-speed models even offer advanced wind and weather protection, guarding your business against extreme weather and wear. 

Fire-Rated Doors

Fire-rated doors are handy for any shop section that needs separation from the main area and added coverage from fire damage. Combine the highest level of fire protection with expert smoke control to improve your building's security. Fire-rated doors close automatically when a smoke, fire or alarm event occurs. Their fast-acting, solid design provides fire protection when you need it. Consider insulated fire roll-up doors for added sound dampening. 

Sectional Doors

Insulated and non-insulated sectional doors are less common security features for auto dealerships than security grilles, but they can still protect shop areas that require complete coverage. Insulated sectional doors offer maximum energy efficiency combined with quality security, maintaining internal climate conditions and operating efficiently to open and close when needed. Non-insulated roll-up doors are less energy-efficient than the insulated variety, but they add security to any area where insulation isn't a concern. 

Max-Protection Doors

By design, maximum-protection doors handle the most extreme weather conditions and intruder situations. Hurricane-rated doors defend against tornadoes, hurricanes and severe storms to preserve your building's interior. For example, doors like our EntryDefender® guard government buildings against coordinated mob attacks. These offer a secure seal against inclement weather and potential criminals. 

Protect Your Auto Dealership With Cookson Doors

Protect Your Auto Dealership With Cookson Doors

You depend on your security door or grille to keep your auto dealership secure and maintained. Cookson's high-quality auto dealership doors deliver advanced protection, design and operation to all our customers. With our made-to-order security grilles, you can install an opening that fits your space's unique needs. 

Are you looking for the best solution to your security concerns? Shop our high-performance doors for advanced security and weather protection or explore our security grilles.  If you have any questions or want more information, contact us online today!