Roll-Up Shop Doors

if you operate a retail storefront of any kind, you can benefit from the fact that our roll-up shop doors offer superior protection against vandalism and prevent unwanted entry. These durable doors provide advanced security you can rely on without sacrificing the use of your entryway. Regardless of the application, Cookson has a high-quality retail door for you.

Security on Demand

Rolling security closures from Cookson are ideal in retail applications because they offer two sides of the same coin: visibility and aesthetically pleasing looks on one side and security and safety on the other. Because our rolling security doors and grilles coil up into the headroom when not protecting your store in the off-hours, they’re available to use when you need them, and then roll up into the headroom to be as unobtrusive as possible when in the open position.

Grilles to Meet Every Need

No matter your needs, Cookson can assist with a robust product portfolio. Whether you’re taking care of one individual store or many businesses in a shopping complex, we’ve got your loading docks, storefronts, receiving areas, and more covered with our rolling security closures. Roll-up security grilles can minimize opportunities for smash-and-grab thefts while offering longevity and durability for your retail location. Searching for resource that can give you information on some of Cookson’s security grilles in snap? Check out our Grille Recommendations for Retail Applications Chart.

Grille Retail Cookson

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Exciting Addition to Our Retail Grille Options

Our Visionaire MicroCoil Grille provides entryway security with a low headroom percentage that’s hard to beat (40% less headroom than other standard grilles on the market). At Cookson, we know some applications have distinct design needs and other limitations that can make finding the right standard security grille a challenge. It’s why we created the Visionaire MicroCoil Grille as a compact and quiet option for applications with a tight fit like city storefronts, certain retail spaces, or historic buildings that can’t be drastically modified.

Using 304 stainless steel links, this grille’s sleek profile establishes not only a feeling of security but also a dramatic and beautiful aesthetic. These links are also easily replaceable and nest upon one another to contribute to the grille’s hushed operation. Visionaire MicroCoil is available in “brick” or “straight” pattern options as well as stainless steel and aluminum finishes, depending on your design preferences.

Visionaire MicroCoil can be used with motor or manual operators. It also offers enhanced airflow and visibility because of the spacing between the links, making it ideal for applications where safety, airflow, and visibility are vital. This rolling security grille also has the added benefit of a locking option for even more security on hand. With headroom requirements as small as 15.5 inches, Visionaire MicroCoil can be your go-to in your retail application, historic building, or space that requires a low-headroom, standard cycle grille.


Style and security, together.

The Aluminum ScreenGard Aesthetic Package pairs a sleek design with steadfast security. Compact grille guides and a closure plate create a seamless appearance when the door is closed. When open, the door conceals gaps and vanishes into the ceiling, leaving you with a bold, unified look.

Security Solutions for All Retail Applications

No matter if you're trying to prevent a storefront smash-and-grab theft or find a loading dock door that can withstand heavy use, we have the right closure solution for your retail needs.


Back of Store & Receiving Areas

Deliveries are vital for the operation of any retail store. It can be challenging to maintain a successful business without a constant supply of merchandise. These deliveries are received through a loading dock or designated area in the back of the store. It is essential to find the right closure solution that matches your accessibility needs. Check out our rolling door products for your receiving area needs. 

Service Doors

Our service doors are a great fit for loading docks and storage area needs.

High Performance 1024 Doors

If you're store has areas that need to be accessed often, you need a closure solution that can handle high cycles. Our Extreme 1024 High Cycle Door is designed for daily use. 

Insulated Doors

For stores in harsher climates, a door that can keep extreme temperatures and air out is ideal. Our insulated doors can help you control your interior climate, no matter what’s happening outside.

Store Within a Store

In commercial shopping centers and malls, it is common to find smaller stores or areas within a larger store. Think of pharmacy counters in grocery stores or makeup sections in a department store. Often, these stores within a store have differing hours from the main store and, as such, must implement a closure solution to secure the area when not open for business. Browse our products to find the right security solutions for concession retailing.

Rolling Counter Shutters

Our Rolling Counter Shutters provide full-door security with smaller, and more aesthetically pleasing, slats, guides, brackets and hoods ideal for compact spaces. A Counter Shutter can come with or without locks, and is even available in a slip-in model that is fast to install and looks built-in.

Rolling Security Grilles

Our wide variety of grille options work best in store-within-a-store applications where you want to balance in-store visibility for customers with visual deterrence for intruders.


Storefronts are great for retailers who want to display goods and generate interest for consumers – that’s why so many people go window shopping.  However, those very same glass doors and windows that show off products so well can leave a store vulnerable to theft and vandalism. That’s why smart retailers implement additional security closures, like rolling doors or security grilles, to secure their storefronts during off hours or even in times of crisis.

Max Protection Doors

Unfortunately, recent events have shown that retailers need to be prepared to secure their storefronts.  From smash-and-grab thefts to full-scale riots or thunderstorms to hurricanes, our Max Protection Doors are designed to protect your storefront from damage and your business from loss.

Security Grilles

Our wide variety of grille options work best in storefront applications within a larger enclosed building, such as a mall or shopping center.


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