Insulated Garage Doors

Cookson knows insulated doors. Choose our market-leading energy-efficient insulated doors in extreme environments or anywhere you want to reduce energy costs and go green.


As the leader in insulated garage doors, Cookson Door offers many different styles, solutions and options to meet the needs of any garage door specification. As the door manufacturer with the highest energy efficient garage doors, we have the all the overhead door solutions you need. Our Rolling Door Support team is here to help.

When you need to protect your business from the elements, our insulated rolling doors are designed to do the job. All of our insulated garage doors are custom made to your door specifications.

Insulated overhead doors do not occupy any additional room. Our industry-leading insulated doors still have all the high-quality materials and finishes architects and building owners worldwide have come to expect from Cookson Door.

Overhead insulated doors can be manufactured using galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum. You do not have to sacrifice aesthetics for energy efficiency either. All insulated garage doors can be crafted using standard slats or customized slats that include vision windows.

Just like our standard rolling doors, our overhead insulated doors can be manufactured with a galvanized finish, powder coated or enhanced with graphics, logos and images to give your rolling insulated door the right look for your door project.

Our Thermiser and Thermiser Max insulated rolling doors offer:

  • Superior protection against the elements.
  • Create an ultimate environmental separation between the inside of the building and the outdoor conditions. Because the insulated garage door has a full perimeter seal, you get the additional advantage of increased sound reduction.
  • Crafted to provide increased security. The double metal layers combined with the insulation interior increase the rolling door strength. This results in a stronger and safer door.
  • Manufactured to withstand a daily operation of 20 open and close cycles a day. With available rolling doors options, our insulated doors can be upgraded for high volume doors.

When the most energy-efficient door is required, our Thermiser Max insulated rolling door is the top choice for architects, building owners and designers. Our insulated garaged door decrease air low by 94%, but it is IECC, ASHRAE and LEED certified. It’s the top exterior door choice to help building owners achieve up to 38 points in five LEED certification credit categories. All of the thermal savings do not impact the durability, function, usability or aesthetics.