Side Folding Security Grilles

Secure storefronts and more with our Side Folding Grille options that blend effortlessly into any design.

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Custom Side Folding Grilles for Security and More

Side folding security grilles offer protection in attractive packages. These products are made to order and customizable to match your specifications.

Cookson is your source for dependable and aesthetically appealing side folding closures.

  • Side folding security grilles: Side folding security grilles are durable and attractive, and we can etch logos or designs onto the surface. These are ideal for store-within-a-store applications and other compartmentalized facilities like schools and public transit centers.

VistaPane™ Side Folding Security Grilles

VistaPane side folding security grilles are high-visibility closures. These side folding grilles come in models suited for straight-line installation or at 90-, 120-, 135-, or 150-degree curves. You can also create custom layouts to match your building's unique footprint. Depending on your preference, you can install VistaPane accordion security doors in your choice of five different panel designs, including slotted and perforated aluminum, solid aluminum, glass and shatterproof clear Lexan®.

VisionGlide™ Side Folding Security Grilles

Cookson VisionGlide side foldingsecurity grilles are lightweight at 0.8 pounds per square foot. These closures are optimal for installation in public areas with limited structural support like offices, lobbies and hospitals. These accordion storefront doors come with your choice of a straight or brick-pattern curtain made from 5/16-inch aluminum rods, and we offer a fully anodized model as an optional upgrade. 12-inch link spacing is typical, and three, six or nine-inch spacing is available.

GlideGard™ Side Folding Security Grilles

GlideGard heavy-duty side folding security grilles install in spaces up to 14 feet high for dependable protection against theft and vandalism. These accordion storefront doors install behind glass and are excellent for places like schools, sports complexes, food courts, transit areas and anywhere you want high-strength protection, ventilation and visibility. Color anodizing and custom paint to match your existing facility are available as optional features.


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