Market Solutions: Warehousing

Market Solutions: Warehousing

Warehouses and successful distributors need to keep their businesses running quickly and efficiently. One of the best ways to ensure your processes run smoothly is to utilize commercial doors for warehousing purposes. These doors offer numerous benefits to distribution, logistics, and other warehousing operations, including security, quick access, and climate control.

With the right door, you can achieve quick opening times for little to no downtime while keeping your workers comfortable and your materials or products safe. Commercial warehouse doors are an essential part of your business, and it's essential to choose the best model and type for your business. Learn more about the different commercial warehouse doors, their uses, and benefits for your processes.


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Commercial Warehouse Doors and Their Uses

Commercial warehouse doors are a way to access warehouses while providing security while you're not there. Warehouse garage doors serve many purposes, including protecting your interior from the elements, securing your materials or items from theft or damage, blocking unauthorized personnel from entering, or reducing noise. Commercial warehouse doors can be made from different materials, including wood, steel, vinyl, and plastic. 

Commercial Warehouse Doors and Their Uses

Commercial warehouse doors have many viable applications and uses, including:

  • Environmental control: Many businesses use commercial warehouse doors to improve environmental management within their facility. You can choose an insulated door that keeps cool or heated air locked in to achieve the perfect temperature while blocking out unwanted weather, such as heavy rain or snow. These doors also reduce energy costs since your indoor temperature won't fluctuate as often and must be corrected by your heating and cooling system.
  • Security: Businesses also use commercial warehouse doors to protect the materials and goods inside their facility. Strong warehouse doors can protect against theft and ensure unauthorized employees don't gain access to the facility when they're not supposed to. Additionally, commercial warehouse doors help protect against other factors and maintain the integrity of your materials and products, such as rain, wind, or poor air quality. 
  • Visibility and promotion: If you use warehouse doors with windows, you can easily promote your work to customers passing by. For example, if you own a warehouse that distributes car parts, people who pass by may notice your business where they hadn't before and become interested in contacting you.
  • Rapid access: Commercial warehouse doors make it easier to access parts of your warehouse easily. Whether using it for worker access or loading and unloading materials and goods from trucks, commercial warehouse doors make accessing different parts of your warehouse simple since these doors open and close quickly. You can also restrict who has access to the door to ensure authorized personnel is the only ones using the warehouse door as an entrance into your business.
  • Fire protection: Commercial warehouse doors add an extra layer of protection against fires. Your warehouse door will become an additional emergency exit if there's a fire in your facility, allowing your workers to evacuate quickly when in a specific location in your building. Commercial warehouse doors are also large exits, so you don't have to worry about other exits becoming overwhelmed during an emergency since multiple people can evacuate through a warehouse door without overcrowding the exit.

Benefits of Commercial Warehouse Doors

Installing commercial warehouse doors have many benefits, regardless of your applications. Industrial warehouse doors can help you save energy, improve working conditions, add more security, and improve your overall productivity. 

While your commercial warehouse door is a significant investment, the benefits are worth more than the risks of going without one of these doors, such as putting your property at risk or making it challenging to access your warehouse. Some of the most notable benefits of commercial warehouse doors include:

1. Energy Savings and Efficiency

With the right commercial warehouse door, you can make your energy usage more efficient, which will generate significant savings. The added insulation from the warehouse door will help the interior maintain your ideal temperature, reducing the strain on your HVAC system that can require costly repairs. However, maintaining the temperatures in your interior comes down to more than just an insulated warehouse door. Maintaining your interior temperature also requires a warehouse door that opens and closes quickly so you don't let the indoor air slip outside.

Working with a reliable manufacturer can help you improve your energy efficiency and savings. A manufacturer can help you find the best warehouse door that will insulate your workspace and help you generate more savings that you can allocate to other parts of your business.

2. Improved Working Conditions

Apart from boosting efficiency and energy savings, commercial warehouse doors can also improve working conditions in your warehouse by allowing you to maintain a consistent temperature and reduce noise. You'll have more control over the interior conditions of your warehouse, which will protect the items and materials you store inside, but it will also help your workers perform at their best.

Workers who are comfortable in their work environment are more likely to be more productive. Providing good-quality working conditions will make your staff feel appreciated. Taking the necessary steps to keep your workers comfortable, especially during hot summers or freezing winters, is an effective way to boost productivity and keep morale high when outdoor weather is less than ideal.

3. Added Security

One of the main benefits of installing commercial warehouse doors is their added security. Commercial warehouse doors are built with safety in mind and help create a barrier between the outside world and what you keep inside your warehouse. They protect the interior even when outdoor weather conditions are severe, such as heavy rain or wind.


Quality commercial warehouse doors

Quality commercial warehouse doors have been tested to ensure they meet industry standards, so you can rest easy knowing your high-value materials and items are protected inside your warehouse. Insurance companies may also consider your commercial warehouse door when deciding on your coverage and premiums, which can reduce how much you pay for your overall coverage.

A quality commercial door manufacturer can help you find the best commercial warehouse door to provide maximum security for your business.

4. Improved Productivity

The advantages above from commercial warehouse doors allow you to run your business more efficiently without worrying about other factors. Your work environment is more comfortable, and you can rest easy knowing that a secure, sturdy door protects your valuable items and materials. Your operational costs will also be reduced by the energy savings you generate. 

Since installing a commercial warehouse door helps solve the problems above, you can spend more time and resources focusing on other aspects of your business, allowing you to achieve more. You can take the time to grow your operational capacity and boost your overall productivity to generate growth and revenue that makes your business successful.

5. Options for Customization

Commercial warehouse doors are flexible to fit your application, whether you're using the doors to protect your interior or as a way to transport goods and materials in and out of your warehouse. These doors can be customized to fit your needs, including using specific sizes, designs, or materials to fit your operations. 

Different Types of Commercial Warehouse Doors

If you're considering using commercial warehouse doors for your business, you have many options when you work with Cookson. We offer many different commercial warehouse doors to help you find the best product to meet the demands and needs of your applications. Some of the warehouse doors we offer include:

High-Security Doors

High-security warehouse doors are perfect for government operations or any facility that needs optimum protection. These doors are often used for parking stations, law enforcement headquarters, and parking stations to provide superior protection. Whatever you need to protect, you need to ensure that your warehouse door is efficient and reliable at all times of the day. 

We offer different high-security doors, including the EntryDefender®, the Extreme® 300 Series and the Extreme® 1024 Series. We also offer customized high-security rolling doors to help you find the solution that suits your facility's needs. We know that different facilities require doors with different features, including backup batteries, manual release systems, or LCD screen displays. We can help you find a customizable solution with the right accessories to ensure that you can improve your daily operations and protect what's important. 

Thermiser Max® Insulated Roll-Up Doors

The Thermiser Max® is an insulated overhead door with excellent energy efficiency for your business. If you're worried about maintaining a comfortable interior temperature and reducing the strain on your HVAC, the Thermiser Max® insulated door is a good option. This commercial warehouse door is constructed from two layers of steel and foamed insulation, making it more energy-efficient and secure than other insulated-roll up doors. 

The Thermiser Max® significantly reduces air transmission within your facility so you can maintain a comfortable environment and protect your sensitive materials or goods. Additionally, this commercial warehouse door is an excellent way to reduce exterior noise inside the workplace, helping keep workers focused and productive. You can choose from different materials, such as galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, which come in different colors or finishes.

Wind-Master® Service and Insulated Rolling Doors

Wind-Master® Service and Insulated Rolling Doors

The Wind-Master® is an operational wind load rolling door that boasts maximum protection for your business. Standard warehouse rolling doors exposed to high winds will push against the guides, eliminating their ability to function. The Wind-Master® is designed to roll seamlessly through the guides when exposed to high winds by using wind or end locks, allowing your door to remain operational during harsh weather conditions. This commercial warehouse door is ideal if you live in an area with frequent high winds to ensure you can continue to access your facility at any time.

The Wind-Master® is available in insulated and service models that offer flexible, high-security designs with consistent durability you can rely on. This commercial warehouse door is also ideal for improving temperature control and reducing noise in the workplace, meaning it can serve multiple purposes for your operations.

1024 High-Performance Roll-Up Doors

The 1024 high-performance roll-up door offers rapid speeds you can't find with other commercial warehouse doors. These doors have a high life cycle and provide intelligent operation for the best performance and speed. These commercial warehouse doors have been rigorously tested over 1 million times to go through their open and close cycles without maintenance, a testament to their quality and reliable performance. 

The 1024 roll-up door is easy to install and has quick door up-time, maximizing productivity. These doors also require less maintenance than other doors, which makes them a worthwhile investment that can improve the speed of your operations while reducing operational costs. The fast open and close times combined with the steel construction help improve your facility's security and prevent unwanted entries or entries at sensitive locations in your facility. 

The 1024 high-performance roll-up door is also more energy-efficient than other commercial warehouse doors. The roll-up door will quickly seal off your facility, reducing the risk of cooled or heated air escaping from your facility and increasing your energy costs. You can expect to generate more energy savings and lessen the strain on your HVAC system.

Extreme® 300 Series High-Performance Doors

The Extreme® 300 Series commercial warehouse door is best suited to high-traffic areas in your facility where you're opening and closing the door frequently. The Extreme® 300 Series is one of the best commercial warehouse doors on the market, utilizing a smart-controlled intelligent and springless design and with over 300,000 maintenance-free testing cycles to ensure its speed and performance. 

The Extreme® 300 Series maximizes uptime to improve your efficiency. The springless door design reduces the risk of roll-up door failures and ensures your door opens and closes flawlessly each time. Smooth operation speeds and a slow and soft start help reduce wear on parts, ensuring your commercial warehouse door continues to serve your operations as long as possible. 

The Extreme® 300 Series also has a quick opening speed of 24 inches a second. This commercial warehouse door is constructed from galvanized steel or stainless steel with various finishes or colors to choose from. You can also choose from service or insulated doors to suit your applications. We also offer a two-year or 300,000-cycle warranty on the Extreme® 300 Series, but it can also be upgraded to 500,000 cycles or a three-year warranty.


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