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Need a side folding or overhead coiling grille? Our security gates don't compromise security and ventilation. Browse our product line for interior and exterior openings.

Security Gates

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When you need security without sacrificing visibility and air flow, Cookson’s security gates and grilles have multiple solutions for you to choose from.

All rolling overhead gates are custom manufactured to exact specifications and opening sizes. Safety gates keep areas off limits when desired, but still offer many aesthetically pleasing designs and configurations to match any metal gate door needs. Don’t let a rolling gate fool you, our commercial security gates are engineered to protect any area with little maintenance. Cookson is the leader in roll down gates for storefronts, malls, schools, healthcare facilities and more. Our advances in parking gate systems alone have made us the leading choice for durability, ease of installation and speed. Browse through all our multiple commercial security gates or let us help find the perfect solution for you.

Safety Gates:

When you need to safely separate two spaces, but still need visibility and airflow, our safety gates are the answer. Configured to fit any size opening, there are several patterns and multiple opening sizes that make up endless roll down gate options. Safely separate off-limit areas with security grilles that require little to no maintenance.

High-Performance Rolling Grilles:

Commercial security gates in high traffic areas can benefit from our line of high-performance grilles. Our Extreme 300 Series Grille, not only, deliver 300,000 maintenance-free open and close cycles but advanced operating speeds of up to 24” per second. This makes it an ideal fit for any parking gate system, distribution center or anywhere a high speed, long lasting rolling grille is needed.

Fashionable Security Grilles:

For enhanced metal gate solutions, our metal mesh grille gives you the luxury of advanced aesthetics combined with the security of a woven stainless steel mesh material. The multiple design patterns and ability to etch logos and designs onto the steel gate make our metal mesh grille a rolling piece of art ideal for restaurants, storefronts, malls, bars, high-end chain stores and all other applications that require an aesthetically pleasing security grille.

Heavy-Duty Rolling Overhead Gates:

When you need a rugged roll down metal gate, we have the solutions. We offer overhead coiling security grilles with solid rods that are spaced closer, heavier links and tube spacers on each and every rod. Get more robust security with a more durable construction without losing aesthetics or airflow with our heavy duty security gate door.

Emergency Response Safety Gates:

When you need a roll-down security gate to address security and safety in a public area but need the advantage of instant opening during an emergency, our emergency response safety gate system is designed to help address the situation. Get immediate additional means of egress with a safety gate that provides the security of a locked rolling grille that responds automatically when an emergency situation occurs to open additional routes and paths of egress. Emergency overhead coiling safety grilles provide containment options during normal situations while still allowing quick access for emergency personnel and events. 

Sentry Gates:

Our Sentry Gates provides overhead rolling security grilles with a patented design that features a unique curtain comprised of injection molded components and continuous metal rods. This is an overhead coiling security grille that provides the ultimate protection to a parking garage entrance, in front or behind a glass storefront or closed pharmacy counter.