Roll-Up Security Grilles & Gates

Need a side folding or overhead coiling grille? Our security gates don't compromise security and ventilation. Browse our product line for interior and exterior openings.

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Roll-Up Security Grilles

At Cookson, we manufacture a large variety of rolling gates and roll-up security grilles. These closures provide dependable security when locked into place while allowing maximum continued visibility and airflow into your commercial space. We offer a range of styles that each offer unique benefits. All of our roll-up security gates and grilles are made to order and built to match your unique specifications.

Rolling Security Gates for Multiple Uses

Our gates deliver high-cycle use with no maintenance required beyond safety checks to ensure your tracks are free from debris. These commercial rolling security shutters are versatile and are the perfect solution to:


  • Safeguard bars and restaurants: With an attractive and high-end appearance, these grilles are an excellent choice for use in the hospitality industry.
  • Secure customer-facing areas: Security grille doors are perfect for sealing a standalone business, mall storefront or an area containing valuable items.
  • Cover countertops and windows: Our roll-up security gates can install over countertops to protect pharmacies, health care facilities and other businesses from theft.
  • Prevent access to off-limits areas: Roll-up security grilles are ideal for creating a motorized barrier inside your building that blocks unauthorized personnel access.
  • Protect parking garage entrances: We manufacture several rolling security gates to create a secure environment in a commercial or residential parking garage.


Choose from a Variety of Roll-Up Security Gates to Meet Your Needs

We build roll-up security grilles and gates to accommodate storefronts, window spaces and other openings in virtually any height, width and depth. Browse our complete product line to find a security grille door that delivers the advantages you're looking for:


  • SteelWeave™ grilles: SteelWeave™ mesh roll-up security grilles come in several styles and patterns. With a woven design, the SteelWeave provides the ultimate in attractive looks, and we can etch your logo, image or text onto the surface.
  • MicroCoil® grilles: Our MicroCoil® high-performance grilles retract into a 14-inch coil to provide maximum headroom. This parking garage gate delivers a minimum of 500,000 cycles at 2 feet per second and can help you meet ADA requirements.
  • Extreme® 300 Series gates: The Extreme® 300 Series rolling security gate is an excellent way to manage security in high-traffic parking areas. These grilles open three times faster than others on the market and will deliver 300,000 cycles without needing maintenance.
  • Roll-up gates: Cookson VistaGard™ roll-up security grilles come in straight or brick patterns with spacing options. Our VistaGard™ rolling security gate has panels made from clear Lexan™ that covers the link spaces for added protection.
  • 5015 Heavy Duty gates: If you want to gain added durability, consider our 5105 heavy-duty roll-up security gates. These parking gates have tighter spacing, heavier links and spacers for added strength and longer component life.
  • CrossingGard® grilles: The CrossingGard® is an emergency-response safety gate system that triggers in the event of an emergency to allow access for first responders and help people inside evacuate safely.
  • SentryGate® grilles: SentryGate® security grille doors provide excellent protection and have a smooth, clean appearance that delivers a modern look. These roll-up security gates are lightweight and available in white or black.


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