SteelWeave™ Metal Mesh Security Grille

Security Grilles

Model Number: EAG 10

Cookson SteelWeave mesh security grilles provide reliable protection against theft and intrusion while adding to a building's architecture. These security grilles and mesh counter doors feature durable stainless steel and are suited for use indoors or outside facing the elements. 

Enhance Your Business With Metal Mesh Counter Doors and Security Grilles

All of our SteelWeave woven mesh security grilles are made using type-316 stainless steel, offering improved resistance to corrosion from the weather, cleaning agents and more. Depending on the design of the grille or mesh counter door, guides and bottom bars may feature aluminum or stainless construction.

We have three design styles to select from to match your business and preferences, including:

  • Aesthetic Reveal (EAG10V): Our Aesthetic Reveal configuration uses attractive exposed mounting and operating hardware for a polished look whether the grille is stowed or secured.
  • Aesthetic Conceal (EAG10C): The Aesthetic Conceal design uses grille guides buried into the wall, perfect for creating a hidden perimeter around the grille and offering a pleasing look while retracted. 
  • Service (EAG10S): The service model is the most cost-effective way to take advantage of the SteelWeave design, perfect for protecting storerooms and service areas from small trespassers.


These mesh security grilles add to your business, and with custom etching, can become a prominent decorative feature. With etching services, you can place your business name, logo or practically any image or text on a secure grille, turning it into an attractive display space. Logo etching is available on our Lago woven pattern. 




Materials and Finishes