SmartSync™ Wireless Remote

Wireless Remote Controller

Have wireless control of your door or grille with SmartSync™ Wireless Remote. This heavy-duty remote comes equipped with an anti-shock design and is compatible with most motor-operated doors, grilles or counter doors.*

*Not compatible with NEMA 7/9 operators

  • Battery saving
  • Easy-to-read screen
  • Designed for durability
  • Attaches to forklifts and other equipment with a built-in clip
  • Remotes can be paired with the receiver from the floor - no scissor lift or ladder needed
  • Connect up to 90 doors on a single remote - each door can be named using letters/numbers
  • Easy to duplicate the paring content from one remote to another
SmartSync™ Wireless Remote Options Sheet
SmartSync™ Wireless Remote ES 10-446 User Manual
SmartSync™ Wireless Remote ES 10-452 Quick Start
SmartSync™ Wireless Remote ES 10-512 Quick Start Transmitter Radio Control
SmartSync™ Wireless Remote ES 10-510 Quick Start Transmitter Radio Control