LED Light Kit

This LED Light Kit is a simple and effective visual door status alert system. Made for high-traffic environments like fire and emergency service bays, parking garages, and warehouses, the LED Light Kit lets vehicle operators know when a door is open, in motion, closed, or needs maintenance.  These multicolored LED strip lights prevent damage to overhead doors and grilles, limiting downtime, maintenance, and repair costs.

  • Available in 5’, 10’ or 15’ versions
  • LED light indicators to monitor door position; LED's remain a steady red all the time the unit is in the closed position, but flash red when door is in motion; when door is open, the LED's are solid green; when LED's are flashing white, it indicates a safety/photo eye fail
  • Durable, IP68 rated, marine-grade wiring and stainless steel hardware ensure long life during harsh conditions
  • Task indicators notify of loss of power to the operator and failures to door safety equipment
  • Red LEDs illuminate work areas, preserving night vision and reducing the need for white lights
  • Can be retro-fit to an existing door
  • Compatible with most commercial doors and grilles*

*LED Light Kit is available for all standard and high performance rolling doors, grilles, and counter doors, excluding fire and smoke-rated products.