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A roll up door is an overhead coiling door that is manufactured from slats of formed galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel that interlock with each other to create a garage door curtain that rolls up to store in a coil above an opening.

A roll up door is specifically designed to provide security against unauthorized entry and are engineered to provide protection from the weather at the exterior and interior openings in industrial, commercial, institutional and other buildings.  Manufactured from rolled slats or galvanized steel, they are engineered to interlock with each other which offers superior security and environmental control that other garage door types just cannot accomplish.


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Why choose a coiling overhead door?

An overhead rolling garage door offers durability, security and reliability in one door that no other garage door design can. Because the door rolls up into a tight neat coil above an opening, there are very few parts exposed to wear and tear or the elements. There are no gears, wires, springs or pulleys that need to be regularly lubricated and maintained. All the garage door parts are contained in the head of the door on a counterbalanced shaft. Combined with commercial grade steel, a coiling garage door requires little to no maintenance for the lifetime of the door.

Installing rolling doors is easier too. Solid steel guides support the overhead door and the since the rolling door coils above the opening eliminates cumbersome tracks and hanging devices on ceilings. Every roll up door is manufactured to exact specifications meaning an exact fit. Each overhead garage door is constructed of heavy galvanized steel slats that interlock with each other, eliminating any gaps or week points in the garage door. The exact fit and construction method alone help rolling doors excel at security and weather control. While the smaller space they occupy compared to other overhead garage doors is usually a key factor in choosing a roll up garage door, the low maintenance and long life make them a practical choice too. 


Are there different rolling door styles or types?

Coiling doors come in several different models and styles. Overhead rolling doors are used throughout commercial buildings, universities, government facilities and more when an extremely dependable overhead garage door is required or desired. Our rolling service doors provide the perfect solution for increased security, environmental control or durability is needed. Each overhead garage door is manufactured to exact specifications, providing a superior garage door that satisfies many needs.  A coiling door is perfect for areas with a limited overhead room as the overhead garage curtain stores in an overhead coil over the opening and is fully supported by the industrial grade steel side guides. 



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What is a high-performance overhead door?

Sometimes you need an advanced roll up door features. Particularly in high traffic areas, an average garage door won’t do. Our high-performance rolling doors offer rapid fast open and closing cycles, three times faster than standard commercial garage doors. High traffic areas need to stay up and running. Our Extreme series doors are built and engineered to last longer than any other roll up garage door available. Featuring a springless door design, there are few parts to wear and tear, so they are designed to work for more maintenance free cycles than average. Both a 300,000 or 1,000,000 maintenance free models are available. But fast speeds and low maintenance are not the only benefits. Our high-performance overhead doors are among the most energy efficient garage doors available. 

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Do roll up garage doors protect against the elements?

Overhead rolling door options include several models of insulated garage doors as well as high performance insulated doors. Our Thermiser Max insulated garage doors not only offer high density foamed in insulation but prevent air leakage also. Our patented perimeter door sealing system decreases air infiltration by 94%. While not only meeting 2015 IECC®, ASHRAE® 90.12, and California’s Title 24 requirements, our IECC, ASHRAE and LEED certifications prove that we have the most energy efficient insulated garage doors available.

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ROll Up Door with Pass Door

How do steel rolling doors protect against tornadoes or hurricanes?

Compared to standard garage doors, a roll up door offers much more security than a sectional garage door by design alone. However rolling doors can enhance with stronger guides that utilize a wind locked slat design that keeps an overhead door in place and dissipates wind loads to prevent garage door blowout. However, for the ultimate in wind and debris protection, our StormDefender line of rolling doors are big on safety. So much that they meet the strict ICC 500/FEMA 361 ratings for safe rooms designed to protect occupants from harsh winds and deadly projectiles.

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Can roll up garage doors offer fire protection?

When a fire event happens, preventing smoke and fire from spreading is the first priority to prevent loss of light and protection of property. Roll up fire rated doors not only are designed to stop smoke and fire in its tracks, but they are still built for everyday use too. Combined with a fire system, like our industry-leading AlarmGard automatic closing system, fire doors and fire shutters can automatically close while still providing a means of egress for safe passage.

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Interior Roll Up Door

Cookson has many models to meet the needs of just about any situation or need. However, we can also specially design any roll up door to meet any specific need. No size, requirement or application is too much of a challenge.