Fire Rated and Smoke Rated Doors and Shutters

Our fire closures offer the ultimate life safety protection against fire and smoke. Cookson’s fire doors are customized for each application to compartmentalize smoke and fire quickly, but also offer security for everyday use.

Fire Doors, Fire Shutters, Elevator Smoke Doors and Smoke Containment Systems

Providing Fire and Smoke Protection


Cookson offers a variety of custom-manufactured standard commercial fire doors. Our overhead roll up fire doors combine all the great features you have come to expect in a Cookson service door with the added benefit of fire protection.  

When it comes to drop testing, our fire closures will save time and money.  In the event of an actual fire, AlarmGard operated doors will automatically reset to normal operation once the fire alarm is cleared or power is restored, eliminating the need to reset each fire door individually.  Our FireGard operated doors are reset by replacing the fusible link.  Testing our fire doors is also safer than traditional fire doors because our commercial fire doors do not release spring tension upon activation and slam to the ground.  Cookson fire-resistant doors are engineered to close in a controlled but efficient manner.

Our overhead fire-resistant doors not only provide fire and smoke protection but also provide security and access control in openings for everyday use.

Climate control is not an issue either, as our commercial fire door comes in a Firemiser™ insulated version that increases energy efficiency.

If you have a need for a fire or smoke barrier wall, but still need a window at times, Cookson’s fire rated shutters are the clear choice. Rolling fire shutters with the AlarmGard operating system automatically close when smoke or fire is detected.

One of our most innovative products, SmokeShield Elevator, is changing the way architects look at elevator smoke protection. With its patented GuideLock™ technology, hoistways can be sealed in the event of smoke or fire. Our elevator smoke containment system gives architects new design freedom as it may allow them to eliminate the IBC Elevator lobby requirement, freeing up valuable space for other design options.

Cookson is widely regarded as the innovative leader in fire solutions. With a seasoned engineering department and state of the art research and development team, it’s easy to see why Cookson’s fire and smoke protection solutions are the preferred choice.

Fire Door Operating Systems

Fire doors and shutters are only one part of the most advanced fire containment products available. To see how our fire solutions can provide the most advanced and intelligent protection for any facility, check out our fire door closing systems HERE.