Maximum Security Door System

Maximum protection for your most severe needs.

Safety Doors, Security Doors and Overhead Security Door Systems


You can’t always control what’s happening in your community, but you can be ready when trouble heads your way.


Riots in cities across the country have led business owners to ask us for help protecting their employees and customers, and preventing vandalism, looting and riot damage. In response, we've installed several of our Maximum Security Doors in big-box retail and large home improvement stores. One of the largest growing segments is Universities and schools. The need to quickly and efficiently lock down a school in the event of an emergency has been at the forefront of many news tragedies.  Our steel security doors, impact resistant doors and all safety door systems all custom designed to your specifications and made to fit in any safety application.

Often business owners do not think about safety doors until a threat is imminent, and protection is needed as soon as possible. Even so, we will do everything we can to expedite and order. We’ve developed this program to address requests for advanced security closure solutions that have come directly to us due to recent events of riots and vandalism to storefronts around the country.


Many property owners do not realize that our overhead security doors are custom designed to remain in the open position in front of existing sliding glass doors and windows, so they do not impact the current flow of entries or openings. When emergencies or threats happen, the safety doors successfully deploy in an emergency and deter rioters from looting and causing destruction.



Immediate protection in the face of danger by closing the doors. Depending on the building type, this can be achieved by:

  • Installing a ‘panic’ button at the front desk of a hotel or school
  • Connecting the door to an existing alarm system
  • Activate ‘lockdown’ in a warehouse from a remote or central location

All of which will automatically close the doors.

  • We can also accommodate storefronts concerned about the aesthetics of their building, by offering a variety of finishes (colored aluminum, stainless steel, graphics), and also manufacturing custom trim and cover packages.


  • Our Strongest and Most Secure Door – custom manufactured specifically to meet the security requirements of each application.
  • Fast Response, Delivery and Installation - our team will work with you for a fast turnaround so you have the security system in place when you need it most.
  • Security Plus Aesthetics- we can design your security door to meet your brand requirements through powder coating, stainless steel, anodized aluminum and more.
  • Quick Lockdown for Immediate Security - deploy all of your emergency doors with the push of a central "lockdown button."


High security does not mean ugly safety doors. All roll up security doors are available with the custom features, finishes and options you have come to expect from all of Cookson’s commercial roll up doors. Multiple overhead door materials are available such as steel in several gauge thicknesses, aluminum or even stainless steel. All overhead security doors still have the ability to have our exclusive GalvaNex galvanized finished with the option of any one of our 180 stock powder coat colors for a professional finish. Heavy duty doors can even employ corporate logos, branding, custom graphics or even full color images. All rolling door trim and cover packages, as well as garage door hardware and mechanical upgrades, are also available in safety door versions. Steel security doors can be deployed throughout a building, in both outside and inside areas. With Cookson, security doors don’t have to look like security but can be blended and designed to fit in any environment.

Although there is usually a more specific need for roll up security doors, we have already installed numerous security door systems for the largest bbig-boxretailer in the US, a large national improvement chain, a national chain of convenience stores, numerous schools and universities along with some very prominent government facilities.

Every Maximum Overhead Security Door System is custom designed differently, so our Security Door Team is here to help.

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