Safe room doors are designed specifically with life safety in mind for safe room protection against tornadoes and hurricanes.

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StormDefender™ - Built for protection

With StormDefender™ safe room doors, the open design does not sacrifice safety. StormDefender utilizes our award-winning AlarmGard system with fail-safe operation. When connected to a buildings alarm system, heavy duty slats deploy automatically when activated. In the event a storm knocks out power, the door will automatically close to eliminate one more “to-do”. Our patent pending tornado and hurricane door design includes patent pending windlocks that keep the safe room doors in the guides and prevents the curtain from pulling out of the guides during high-pressure events.

In fact, The StormDefender Door is tested to withstand high-speed projectiles leaving nothing but a dent less than 3”. Along with the impact test, the StormDefender held effortlessly when exposed to wind pressure of 300 psf positive and negative pressure. This door is built to protect any opening through two of Mother Nature’s most dangerous natural disasters. But don’t take our word for it,  the StormDefender™ has been tested and certified to stringent ICC 500-2014 and FEMA P-361, third edition code standards. 

Safe room design

When it comes to safe room design, protecting life and safety of everyone is the number one priority. Typically, this would involve installing big bulky safe room doors that manually swing close or close through motorized methods, but still need to be manually latched for full security. While great at protection, the manual steps and bulkiness have resulted in dark, claustrophobic and dungeon-like safe room designs.  

StormDefender™ safe room doors have changed all of that. StormDefender™ enables open, airy, innovative safe room design. How? By being invisible until called into service. The innovative sleek construction allows for virtually undetectable embedment into precast concrete, creating minimal protrusion into the space. In addition, the coil may be hidden above a finished ceiling or into a soffit.  

Safe Rooms in Schools

StormDefender™ provides a tornado room door with design freedom, especially when it comes to safe rooms in schools. Now open areas and rooms, like cafeterias and classrooms can be utilized as an ICC 500 and FEMA 361 rated safe room, while still having windows and open design. When school safe rooms were first being implemented, the often ended up in the middle of a building, with no windows which created compressed dungeon like designs that were very claustrophobic.

The near invisibility of StormDefender™ allows for innovative open and airy design freedom. Windows, hallways and openings an automatically sealed when a dangerous storm event is imminent. Doors, openings or even entire banks of windows can be shielded from high winds and flying projectiles. The StormDefender™ safe room doors simple automatically lower into place, no manual latching required, so personnel can focus on safe evacuation to the school safe room. No latches or heavy swing doors required. When the danger has passed, StormDefender™ simply retracts back into the structure and disappears. 




Safe Room Doors Flying Debris Test

StormDefender™ Invisible protection with design freedom

Not only do StormDefender™ safe room doors create tremendous new design opportunities for safe room design, but allow installing safety and hurricane proof garage doors that are aesthetically pleasing too. Even though our 12 gauge steel slat door curtain is powder coated in a standard gray, there are more than 180 SpectraShield standard powder coat colors available as well as customized color options, so your tornado and hurricane doors can complement any décor including stainless steel if needed.

For areas that encounter harsh wear and tear, our textured AtmoShield powder coat is also available. Available in both fire-rated and non-fire-rated models, StormDefender™ can be installed in virtually any type of room. This allows utilizing rooms that function well when there is not an emergency. The previous dungeon like designs limited the other uses of the room outside of safe rooms.