AlarmGard® Closing System

We answer the call for safe, reliable and simplified fire door closing options with our full line of AlarmGard automatic resetting fire door systems. These systems activate fire doors without releasing spring tension or disengaging the operator drive mechanism. AlarmGard operators include bracket mount chassis units and tubular motor operated units, as well as manual chain and crank, operated units.

The AlarmGard system:

- Activates door to close from alarm signals

- Does not require human interaction to reset or re-open after alarm clears

- Requires minimal headroom clearance

- Features faster installation times

- Has a clean, streamlined appearance - no turnbuckles or fusible link wires necessary

- Closes a door at a slower, safer, uniform closing speed of 9" - 12" per second


AlarmGard Bracket Mounted Benefits


Select the AlarmGard Bracket Mounted system when the door will be used frequently. The system looks similar to a standard motor operator, and is a great choice for openings that require motor operation, but have a bit more room to accommodate an operator.


This type of operator provides:

  • Electric and gravity failsafe systems
  • 0 to 10 seconds selectable time delay upon activation
  • Motor operator will close and reverse on obstructions up to three times when power is present
  • Automatic open is selectable for a complete system restoration after activation
AlarmGard Tube Motor Benefits


The AlarmGard Tube motor is an excellent choice for applications that don't have much room to spare but still want the convenience of motor operation.  The tube motor is concealed in the shaft assembly, making them ideal for tight clearances or where you don't want to see a motor.


This type of operator provides:

  • Low-profile, concealed design
  • Auto-Reset and selectable Auto-Open
  • Comes with or without battery back-up
  • Rated for up to 10 cycles a day
  • Electrical connection from the operator to the control panel is plug and play
  • Internal fail-safe release device and internal centrifugal governor


AlarmGard Chain/Crank Benefits


Choose an AlarmGard Chain or Crank system when the daily operating convenience of a motor oprerator is not required.  Ideal for locations that don't use fire doors for access.  Note - clearance for and access to the hand chain or crank eye is always required.


This type of operation provides:

  • Operator safely stops the curtain in any position and will not back wind
  • Accepts 24 VDC, 115 VAC or 24 VAC power supply
  • 10-second alarm and power failure time delay
  • 24 VDC output for close warning device

Get the AlarmGard Closing System in the following door types: