Custom Commercial Doors

Regardless of your location, the size of your space and the type of business you run, Cookson can design a custom commercial door that's the perfect fit.

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Custom-Made Commercial Doors

Custom-fit means putting the power of design in your hands. At Cookson Door, we design commercial doors to match your desired look and performance.

  • Custom door solutions: Working on a unique project? Cookson custom door solutions can help you design the perfect commercial door to fit your project's specific requirements. In addition to our Architectural Resource Center, our support team professionals are ready to help you create your design and answer any questions you may have.
  • Choose your unique look: Choose a look that matches your business' needs and preferred aesthetic. Depending on the product, have your choice of a galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum material finish. Then, browse through our different slat offerings, including standard, perforated and customized slats, and vision windows. Finally, choose from more than 180 powder-coat colors to find the best fit for your project. With so many options, the choice is truly yours.
  • Optional add-ons and accessories: Design a commercial door to fit any need with optional features and additional accessories, like performance upgrades and damage prevention options, energy-efficient sealing packages, retrofit and more.


Cookson Roll-Up Doors for Any Application

Cookson custom commercial doors are suited for virtually any type of business, offering a range of benefits to meet specific needs. Keep your facility safe and secure with our selection of reliable products, including:

  • Roll-up doors: Commercial roll-up doors will provide your business or commercial garage with security, privacy and protection from the elements.
  • High-performance doors: Our high-performance roll-up doors and grilles are high-speed, fast-acting doors requiring minimal ongoing maintenance.
  • Max protection doors: Max protection roll-up doors offer premium protection for your commercial space against severe weather or security risks.
  • Insulated doors: Our insulated commercial garage doors are secure and energy-efficient, which will result in additional cost savings for you.
  • Fire-rated products: Have peace of mind with Cookson's industry-leading fire-rated products. Our coiling fire and smoke rated doors are approved for any wall type, including concrete, structural steel and masonry.
  • Insulated roll-up doors: Cookson's insulated rolling doors offer many benefits such as climate control, noise reduction, and durability.


Are You Ready to Tackle Your Next Design?

Are you looking for some design inspiration for your commercial project? If so, check out our project gallery. You can also visit our Architectural Resource Center for all the information you need to help you complete your custom-made commercial door project. There, you'll find access to on-demand door tools, including:

  • 2D door drawings: Answer a few quick questions about your project, and our drawing generator will create a 2D sketch of your door.
  • 3D door models: To help you plan your door project, download any of our 3D door models.
  • Tailored project specifications: Our customized project specs are downloadable and will be based on your specific design project.
  • A glossary of industry terms and listings: Do you need to meet certain industry design standards? Is technical jargon creating challenges for your commercial project? Our glossary of industry terms and listings is here to help.
  • Information about receiving AIA credits: Cookson has a free educational program. Get in touch with us to learn more.
  • Rolling Door 101: Rolling Door 101 provides an overview of the overhead door industry and the basics of rolling door anatomy.


If you're ready to begin designing your custom commercial door project, fill out our online customized solutions form so we can get started on your custom project!