Schools and Universities

Whether you're building an elementary school that needs corridor security for after-hours activities or a university dining hall with the need for a service window closure, we've got you covered.


Retail Shop / Restaurant

Often, college and university dining halls function more like restaurants, and campuses run like towns – with convenience stores, office supply centers and school stores as primary retail hotspots.  Think of a student union – typically they’re open 24 hours for students to use as they need, and they also contain restaurants and retail stores for students’ convenience.  A coffee shop is likely open significantly earlier than a lunch spot, so businesses must find ways to secure their storefronts during off hours.  


Rolling Grilles

 For restaurants and businesses that have limited headroom and narrow openings, rolling grilles are an excellent solution.  They keep restaurants and retail shops secure, but they also allow for visibility and advertising even when they are closed.


Side Folding Grilles

If your business has a wider opening, a side folding grille may work best for you.  Often, these doors are recessed into a pocket, allowing for a streamlined aesthetic when the door is open.