Schools and Universities

Whether you're building an elementary school that needs corridor security for after-hours activities or a university dining hall with the need for a service window closure, we've got you covered.


Cross-Corridor Security

Schools are used during off-hours for many reasons – basketball games, the school play, dances and more.  In these cases, you often want to allow access to a certain area, but restrict access to the rest of the building.  That said, in an emergency situation, you must ensure that all paths of egress are available for pedestrian evacuation.  


Our CrossingGard Grille provides the best of both worlds – security when you want it, egress when you need it.  Schools can close the grille to block off access classrooms while allowing access to a gym or auditorium.  That said, the grille will automatically open if signaled by the fire alarm system, allowing pedestrians to escape.  Use this grille in hallways that are designated paths of emergency egress.



Traditional grilles are good solutions for school hallways that are not designated paths of emergency egress.  Use these types of grilles if, for example, you have a hallway adjacent to a cafeteria that’s used for school dances, but you don’t need to use the hallway for evacuation in an emergency situation.