Schools and Universities

Whether you're building an elementary school that needs corridor security for after-hours activities or a university dining hall with the need for a service window closure, we've got you covered.


Auditoriums / Gymnasiums

Auditoriums and gymnasiums are used in a variety of different ways. German club's Oktoberfest?  Head to the gym.  Standardized testing?  Go to the auditorium.  In many schools, the cafeteria, auditorium and gym are all one room.  So how do you hold a craft fair in one section and play dodge ball in the next?  You need space, and sometimes sound, separation.  

Insulated Doors

In situations where there isn't room to store an accordion door within a recessed pocket in the walls, and you're not willing to give up square footage or a sleek aesthetic, insulated coiling doors are a unique solution. These doors can provide an STC rating of up to 22 for the entire door.