Security Gates and Security Roller Shutters for Gift Shops and Cafeterias

The safety and security of those in the care of a hospital or health network is paramount - our doors can help you protect people ad products.


Gift Shops and Cafeterias


Gift shops and cafeterias are often in high-traffic areas of a hospital or healthcare institution, designed to intercept visitors as they enter or exit the building.  While the buildings are often open 24/7, gift shops and cafeterias typically have set open hours and must be secured when closed.  

Rolling Security Grilles

Our wide variety of grille options work best in gift shop or cafeteria applications where you want security but still want to allow visual access from the hallway area.  This keeps gift products, or food options, top of mind to passersby to increase awareness and revenue from these businesses.


Side Folding Grilles

If the doorway to the gift shop or cafeteria has extremely limited headroom and a wider opening, a side folding grille may be the best option.