Retrofit Fire Door Operators

Retrofit Fire Door Operators

Conventional, old style fire doors with poorly governed closing systems may actually create hazardous conditions where safety is needed most. By retrofitting Cornell Motor, Chain or Crank operating systems on existing fire doors, improved life safety and functional benefits can be achieved while still maintaining UL certification.

Retrofit Operators:

  • Guarantee a safe automatic door closing rate where the rate of descent is regulated not to exceed 12" per second
  • Maintain the safety of building employees and occupants by ensuring that fire doors are ready to respond when the need arises and help prevent catastrophic losses
  • Maintain UL Certification / FM Approval of the door while improving its operation
  • Allow facility personnel to routinely reset fire doors without having to restore spring tension, eliminating facility downtime expense and lost productivity after each auto closing
  • Are compatible with a full line of safety accessories

AlarmGard™ Retrofit Operators:

  • All retrofit AlarmGard Operator Systems are wired for activation by fire alarm systems such as smoke detectors or central alarm building systems, local detectors or power failure without requiring connection to a separate alarm interface
  • All retrofit AlarmGard Operator Systems are automatically reset without human interaction, and motor operators can even be set to auto-open - eliminating personnel resetting time after an alarm or power outage. Doors can be reset immediately with maximum convenience.
  • To meet your preferred method of operation, three AlarmGard operating systems are available: 
    AlarmGard Chain Operator 
    AlarmGard Crank Operator 
    AlarmGard Motor Operator
  • Use retrofit AlarmGard Operator Systems in applications where maximum resetting convenience is desired, where activation by fire alarm system or smoke detector is desired or required and for units susceptible to frequent power outages

FireGard™ Retrofit Operators:

  • Recommended when simplified resetting is desired in openings where power is unavailable and connection to central alarm system or local smoke detectors is not required by local building officials
  • FireGard Retrofit Operators are available Chain, Crank or Motor Operator models