Quick Repair Door

Cookson’s Quick Repair Door provides the performance of a Rolling Steel Door with the convenience of impact damage resistance and ease of serviceability. When impacted, the Quick Repair Door’s extra curtain slats can be quickly removed from the bottom of the curtain and the door can be returned to normal operation during the initial service call. Quick Repair is available in Service Door and Insulated Service Door configurations and is provided with 3’ or 6’ of extra curtain, an impactable bottom bar and removable lower guide sections. Repair the door’s curtain when impact occurs, increase the facility’s productivity and maximize the life-time value with Cookson’s Quick Repair Door.

System Advantages

Rolling steel doors offer lower initial cost, increased service life and heightened security when compared with sectional, rubber or high-speed doors. The Quick Repair Door is the most economical option for applications with a higher risk of impact and requires minimal downtime.

System Benefits
- 3’ or 6’ of additional curtain allows for repairs with little or no parts inventory and minimal effort
- Hinged bottom bar flexes upon impact and can be reused
- Removable guide section allows bottom bar and damaged slats to be removed
- Removable endlocks release the damaged slat section
- The door can be “reloaded” with new slats to replace those removed
- Removal of one slat can release the damaged section without requiring additional side room or projection clearances
- Built to exact opening size requirements to 30’ wide x 30’ high standard construction
- Consult factory for larger sizes. Motor operation standard, chain operation available
- Provides security not found in impactable fabric and sectional doors
- Cost effective alternative to impactable fabric doors