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With our Architect Resource Center you get the tools and assistance you need. No matter if you need specifications for a roll up door, fire rated doors or safety gates and grilles, our specialized team is here to help. Get personalized design assistance with custom projects or access our many self-help tools including a drawing generator, specification generator, codes and listings and BIM object downloads.



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Need codes and listings or personalized help with your Roll Up Doors or Safety Gate? View our complete overhead door or security gate and grille selections, download all the codes and listings for our roll up product line, or you can contact our service or sales group for help on the fly.

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I'm a Contractor


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Whether your Fire Rated Door, Insulated Garage Door or any overhead door or grille is in need of parts, maintenance or service, our extensive worldwide dealer network is here to help keep your business rolling. Use our online directory to view our various accessories or find the right part, but no matter what you need, we are here to assist you.



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Our OEM group offers specialized design assistance in engineering door solutions to meet your specific products requirements. We can provide custom and or standard rolling door components that can be fully integrated into your assembly. As a strategic supplier we will work closely with your procurement specialists to manage manufacturing lead times and minimize any disruption to your production schedule. We also provide a variety of freight options to ensure fast, timely delivery. Our OEM Team will meet or exceed your expectations every time, our guarantee. We are an ISO 9002 International certified company.

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Cookson Doors: Rolling Doors & Grilles

Cookson Door is a leader in the industry and the preferred solution for custom-built roll-up doors. Our extensive line of closure products includes:

  • Overhead garage doors
  • Safety gates and grilles
  • Security doors
  • Insulated garage doors
  • Roll-up doors and grilles
  • Fire-rated products
  • Accordion doors, walls and partitions
  • Rolling counter shutter
  • Parts and accessories

No matter your need, Cookson has the right fit for you.

Cookson Doors Are Uniquely Yours

When you need an overhead door, look no further than Cookson Door. All Cookson doors are built to order and custom manufactured to meet specific design requirements. We'll help you create a door that's uniquely yours with custom features, helpful accessories and a variety of options to suit your requirements.

A Door for Every Need

Do you need a door that offers security from vandalism or the elements? Or maybe you're looking for a door that can keep your building and employees safe in the event of a fire. Whatever it may be, you'll find that Cookson has a solution for every need.

Commercial Roll-Up Garage Doors

Our commercial rolling doors are made of durable galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel. These barriers provide security against unwanted entry as well as protection from the weather at both exterior and interior openings in your industrial building, commercial garage and other locations.

Security Grilles and Gates

Security is a growing concern, but our secure doors, gates and grilles are here to give you the added protection and peace of mind you need. Cookson security grilles and metal gates will keep your business safe from burglary and theft, while our security door systems will keep your employees and customers safe from unexpected events. With a quick lock-down feature for immediate security and several designs and finishes available, Cookson rolling doors are both safe and stylish.

Fire-Rated Doors

Cookson fire-rated doors compartmentalize a fire event quickly. Install a Cookson fire door or fire shutter where fires are most likely to occur to prevent flames and smoke from spreading. For automatic protection, connect our roll-up fire doors and fire counter doors to a fire door closing system.

Insulated Doors

In addition to ultimate protection and reduced sound transmission, our insulated garage doors can help you create an energy-efficient building. Our most energy-efficient insulated roll-up door, the Thermiser Max Insulated Roll-Up Door will decrease air infiltration by 94%. Less air infiltration means reduced energy costs for you or your business.

Rapid, High-Performance Roll-Up Doors and Grilles

Our high-performance rapid-roll Cookson roll-up doors and grilles are crafted to provide faster roll-up speed and last up to one million maintenance-free cycles, resulting in an overall lower lifetime cost and increased productivity time for you.

Go Beyond the Door

At Cookson, we have a lot to offer - and that goes beyond doors. We also provide:

  • Counter shutters: Cookson's roll-up counter shutters and Cookson coiling counter doors are custom-fit and available in several different designs, including those that require minimal headroom. For areas that need smoke and fire barriers, our rated fire shutters can be attached to an alarm-activated closing system.
  • Accordion walls and partitions: Transform a room quickly and with ease with Cookson accordion walls and partitions. Our accordion walls and partitions offer privacy and security without taking up valuable headroom and floor space. For even more privacy, our accordion partitions are custom-designed with side pocket walls and sound absorption.
  • Door parts and accessories: Looking for door parts and accessories? We've got you covered. Visit our parts center for essentials like slats, s-hooks and sash chains. Get the most out of your Cookson door with an accessory, including strip curtains, Rolling Door Protector (RDP), testing station and more.

We're Here to Help

Do you want personalized assistance for your unique project? Visit our Architectural Resource Center where you'll find the support you need for any application, including quick access to our:

  • Drawing generator
  • Codes and listings
  • Downloadable BIM projects
  • Additional resources

Are you looking for Architect Continuing Education with AIA credits? If so, let us know. Our architectural support team is here to help with any specification for our entire line of products. If you don't see what you need, we'll be happy to help you custom design a solution.