Safety Doors and Fire Doors for Parking Facilities

From stand-alone parking garages to condominiums and mixed-use buildings, we have the safe, secure and durable closure solutions you need.

Fire and Smoke Protection

In some situations, particularly if your parking structure is attached to a building, you may be required to install a fire-rated closure to meet code.  You need closure solutions that compartmentalize a fire – stopping flame and smoke spread quickly to minimize damage to life and property.  We offer a variety of fire-rated products that are effective for parking applications.  Our advanced AlarmGard Fire Door Closing System reacts instantly to an alarm signal, activating the door closing sequence which stops fire and smoke migration – performance that thermally activated systems simply cannot match.  In addition, AlarmGard does not require human interaction after an alarm is cleared – ideal for parking structures that may not be staffed full time.  AlarmGard resets, and motor-operated units can even reopen, your fire doors automatically – eliminating reset downtime by 100%.  We also offer alternative closing systems if a fusible link system is preferred.

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