Parts Offered

Whether you need replacement parts for a rolling door, security grille or counter shutter, as well as products by other manufacturers, we offer a variety of parts to meet your needs. Our most common parts are listed below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or would like to order parts, contact your local dealer.

Compatible Parts For Cookson Products

#5 Flat Slats 22Ga. Primed slat

#6F Insulated Slats 24/24Ga. Primed slat

Double angle 2"x2"x1/8" steel bottom bar w/astragal for non-insulated doors

Extruded alum. mill powder coated bottom bar w/astragal for insulated doors

#20Ga. Grey Primed Curved Slats (3") shipped loose

Universal Slat Adaptor (USA), 14Ga. Extruded Aluminum, 21’ length


Turnbuckle, 5/32 thread

#8 Sash Chain

ELSIE fusible link UL Listed 165 degree